Whether you work from home, in an enormous office building in the heart of a big city, or anywhere in between, taking a few simple steps to improve your environment will pay big dividends for your health. A recent study suggests that people who work in “green” buildings, i.e. buildings with environmentally responsible construction using sustainable materials, think better at the office, sleep better at night and are happier and more productive. Workers in these buildings reported 30% fewer health issues, such as headaches, eye and respiratory infections. Alas, not every building qualifies. The EPA states that indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. And since they are only charged with managing levels of outdoor contaminants like smog, ozone and other chemicals, it’s up to you to manage your indoor air.

Dust often
Office spaces frequently get passed by when it comes to cleaning, so take a careful look at yours and remove dust buildup frequently. Most homes and offices contain a variety of toxic chemicals, from cleaning supplies to office furniture to copier chemicals, and these can break down and become the dust we touch and breathe in daily.

Bring in fresh air if you can
Hopefully your office space has adequate ventilation. But if it’s stuffy and the windows don’t open, try to take breaks or lunch hours outdoors in the fresh air.

Add a boost of oxygen
And pizazz to your space with live green plants. Banish the silk ficus collecting dust in the corner and replace with Mother’s tongue, Money plants or areca palms. All green plants give off fresh oxygen, so they help to naturally freshen the air continuously.

Control humidity and moisture
If you’re in a large office space, you can’t be sure whether insidious leaks in the facility are being fixed or not. Mold spores, dust mites and microscopic bacteria, viruses and fungi spread easily through warm and moist air. Invest in a small dehumidifier that will keep your space comfortable and remove the moisture from the air that can harbor these health threats. The Eva-Dry 1100 Petite Dehumidifier is ideal for the job. Measuring just 6 inches long, by 4 ” inches wide and 8 ” inches high, this unit will keep the air dry and fresh in an area up to 1100 cubic feet.

Eva-Dry is on the leading edge of dehumidification technology, with a wide variety of efficient and affordable products. Keep your home, office, cabin, boat and RV free of moisture build-up and its subsequent health threats like respiratory illnesses, allergies and asthma. Investigate their full line of dehumidifiers, or call their knowledgeable staff for a personal consultation on how to improve your indoor air quality today!


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