Do you have a space that could use some moisture removal but it seems too small for an average dehumidifier, such as a vehicle, safe, or closet” We have you covered! The E-150 Moisture Eliminator Pouch is the perfect choice for your small space! They use a non-toxic, safe micro absorbing silica gel to remove excess moisture from over humid environments. They are perfect for areas up to 150 cubic feet and will last up to 45 days. This makes them a logical choice for your compact areas such as suitcases, shoe boxes, camera cases, safes, vehicles, and so much more. Our product comes with two pouches that can absorb up to 4-6 ounces of moisture. They are compact and disposable, allowing for a no-mess clean up. Plus they are easy to use! All you have to do is remove the E-150 Moisture Eliminator Pouch from the re-sealable packaging and place it in your desired location. When the orange indicator turns green, it is time to replace the pouch. It’s that easy! To order the E-150 Moisture Eliminator Pouches, and any of our other products, visit our page at

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