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EDV-4000 Rotary Desiccant Dehumidifier

- Ideal for Home and Office
EDV-4000 Rotary Desiccant Dehumidifier Photo

EDV-4000 Rotary Desiccant Dehumidifier Customers love this product!
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The EDV-4000 is the first home/office dehumidifier to use innovative rotary desiccant technology to provide high volume dehumidification without requiring a compressor. The unit is safer than compressor-based systems and designed for low maintenance operation, with a high capacity water catch basin that requires only periodic emptying. Also includes a built-in ionizer and bacteria-killing filter to improve air quality, if needed.

The Eva-Dry 4000 dehumidifier is designed for medium to larger spaces of up to 4000 cubic feet, including:

  • Large closets: Eva-Dry prevents damage to fabrics and musty odors caused by excess moisture.
  • Bedrooms and Baths: Absorbs musty odors, and prevents damage caused by excess moisture that can accumulate.
  • Cabins: Keeps the air dry, helping to inhibit mold growth. Ideal for cabins and vacation homes on or near the water.
  • Large RVs and boats: Protect your investment from excess humidity and harmful mold. Helps keep allergens down in areas prone to high humidity.
  • Basements: Keeps basements dry and humidity-free, alleviating condensation build up and dripping.
  • Offices: Protects hardwood floors from moisture and mildew damage.

Rotary Desiccant

For a comparison to rotary desiccant dehumidifiers to compressor-based dehumidifiers, click here.


    • Operating temperature range: 34°F – 104°F
    • Moisture removal: 7 liters/day (at 68°F; relative humidity 60%)
    • Water tank capacity: 2 liters
    • Power: High 615W, Low 330W
    • Voltage: 120V; 60Hz
    • Amperage: High Speed: 5.15 AMPS; Low Speed: 2.76 AMPS
    • Net weight 13.5 lbs
    • Gross weight 15.5 lbs
    • Product size: 18"H x 11.5"W x 7"D


    • Compressorless dehumidifier uses desiccant rotor technology to remove moisture from the air
    • Environmentally friendly with no harmful gasses
    • Quiet operation: 34db at low fan speed; 51db at high fan speed
    • Special silver coating within the filter kills bacteria on contact, improving the quality of air in your home or office
    • Built-in ioniser
    • Built-in humidistat
    • Continuous drain capability: 12mm (15/32”) inner diameter hose (not supplied). For drain hose hookup instructions click here.
    • Dryer mode and electronic louvers can be used to direct warm air to dry clothes, rugs, coats and more; ideal for laundry rooms and mud rooms
    • Dryer mode includes power saving setting for summer use and turbo setting for winter
    • Up to 8 hour timer for added convenience
    • Light and portable with carry handle: only 13 lbs. (as compared to compressor models that weigh over 20 lbs.)
    • Removable water bucket with handle
    • Operating light
    • Auto restart after power cut. Once the power is restored after a power failure, the appliance will continue to operate at the selected settings.

    Product Support

    EDV-4000 Operations Manual

    Download the operations manual for the EDV-4000

    For instructions on fitting the unit with a drain hose, click here.

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      • love it doesn't use alot of electricity quiet a great workhorse

      • We purchased two of the EDV-4000 dehumidifiers one for our RV and one for our home. They work great, we are very satisfied with the way they work and especially the fact that we could attach a drainage hose so the water can drain into the sink. We are considering purchasing one more since our home has a second level and we would like to put one there too. They are quiet and efficient. Dealing with this company has been a pleasure! Can't say that very often these days. Highly recommend these dehumidifiers.
      • $ Verified Buyer

        I have had the unit running for a solid month in the basement. The unit is quiet and works very well. I have a now aging 40 pint conventional other brand unit that works well but doesn't quite cut the humidity consistently at or lower than 50%. Also the old unit collects frost/ice most months of the year. The 4000 pulls more moisture than the old 40 pint and the "air" in the basement has a noticeable change neither good or bad but noticeable. I started using the unit with just the catch tray but it filled too fast (less than 24 hours running in the power save mode). That leads me to my 2 main but small complaints. The unit is small compared to the conventional dehumidifiers thus it has a small tray and can fill quickly. Secondly the hose barb to use a drain hose is a pain to get to. It is easy to put on with the tray removed but you can't put the tray back in with the hose attached thus you must leave it out or blindly attach while the tray is in. Overall I am very satisfied with the unit.

      • I have been using my Eva-Dry 4000 dehumidifier for a week in my home greenhouse. It is simply what I needed, and I am very pleased with it. 1- It works great at low temps - my greenhouse is warmed to about 50 degrees at night. Other dehumidifiers I had used in my basement froze over at about 55 degrees. 2- The electricity it uses is converted to heat and helps with keeping my greenhouse warm in winter. I give its other byproduct - water - to my plants. 3- It is relatively quiet, even at high fan speeds - no compressor noise. 4- It is Very well designed and built - compact, light weight, and excellent in fit and finish, as good as the iPhone, with a good deal of attention paid to details. You have an excellent customer service, and the EVD-4000 is fantastic! As a happy customer, I wanted to share my recent good experience!

      • I have purchased numerous dehumidifiers over the years and they all eventually suffer compressor failures. The EDV-4000 has no compressor, ergo, no compressor failures. I have been running my EDV-4000 24/7 for the past six months and it runs efficiently, with no problems and it is EXTREMELY quiet!

      • I've had multiple dehumidifiers in this basement and have had issues with all of them. This product is incredible. The basement is drier than it's ever been and there's no worry about the unit icing up like conventional styles.

      • I cannot say enough good things about this product. It works GREAT! It is a great looking little work horse. It is very quiet, has a sleek, compact design, and is easy to set up and operate. I had used a product with a compressor that made a lot of noise that was just not working out for me. When I happened upon Eva-Dry, I called and spoke with one of the owners. He could not have been any nicer or more helpful. The customer service is outstanding - you always get a person on the phone and they are always nice and understanding about odd questions. They know their products and don't have to put you on hold or refer to a manual or manager! I highly recommend this company and this product. You will not be disappointed.

      • I use the 4000 exclusively in the lowest setting. Sometimes, it gets in a mode where it just doesn't collect moisture. However, when it does collect moisture, it does it very well. It is also quiet at the lowest setting, which is great. Removing the tray and water is easy to do. The unit does draw enough current that I notice an increase in my electric bill when I run the unit 7/24. Now, when the unit gets into a mode where it just doesn't collect moisture, I also have another smaller unit from another brand that does collect moisture. So, the issue is not due to low or lack of humidity. Both the unit and the other smaller unit (different brand) are used in a loft with no walls and measures 20' x 50', with 11.5' ceiling. The unit has been in operation for about 10 months.
      • $ Verified Buyer

        We live full time in our 27' motorhome and have experienced heavy moisture issues in the Fall (in Canada) and even now while in Florida for the winter, there are some days that have high humidity levels. Instead of running the air conditioner, we run the dehumidifier. This is a great, quiet invention. Although we never called and spoke with anyone, our order was shipped out the same day we ordered and was delivered next day. (We are in St. Petersburg, and they are in Tampa). You will not be disappointed with this model - it removes moisture very efficiently. Better than any of those old fashioned compressor types. Will definitely recommend to all fellow RVers and homeowners as well. Kudos to the Eva-Dry people!
      • $ Verified Buyer

        Item arrived on time and as promised. fit and finish of the unit is perfect. the unit is ready to go out of the box. I connected the unit to a watt meter to verify energy use. on Auto mode energy consumption was around 360w. my energy star rated dehumidifier used over 600 w continuously. this unit has now made the refrigerant-based unit obsolete. While this unit does have a high setting, I would not think it would be necessary to use because the energy consumption spikes above 600W and does nothing more than can be achieved by waiting for the auto cycle. The high setting will just get there quicker. I run the unit in the basement of a 1,400 sq ft home. the temperature stays around 66 degrees F. This item should be carried at the department stores. This item should get energy star rating.

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