Everyone wants to live in comfort without harming the environment, but sometimes that can take some research on your part. Rest assured it is possible to eliminate harmful moisture without causing further harm. Moisture causes mold and mildew which is destructive to valuables and hazardous to health. But chemicals can corrode, cause injury, and accumulate in the landfills. A true solution will address the problem without creating a new one. A better, ecologically friendly, non-toxic solution is the Eva-Dry Dehumidifier. Safe Silica gel, which is actually a kind of sand, absorbs the moisture right out of the air. The units are small and can be placed in any contained space to harmlessly remove the moisture that allows mold spores to thrive. The Silica gel is fully contained and won’t spill. And perhaps the best part for those looking to reduce landfill use is that Eva-Dry Dehumidifiers are renewable up to 10 years. All that is necessary for renewal is to plug the unit into an outlet that is in a well-ventilated space such as a porch or garage. The gel is warmed and the moisture releases into the air, renewing the product for another use. Health and wellness tests have proven that Eva-Dry Dehumidifiers reduce moisture and improve the overall air quality in a space. It’s a “green” product that won’t negatively contribute to the environment via waste or additional energy use. There are no cords or hazards to children and pets like there are with plug-in or chemical options. Obtaining one or many for your home is affordable and easy.

Eva-dry is available on Amazon, at your local Ace Hardware, eva-dry.com or by calling 877-382-3790.

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