Is your home uncomfortably humid and stuffy” Humidity can make your home feel musty and dirty, and it can also exacerbate many health issues you may already have. To keep your household healthy and comfortable, use a dehumidifier to control humidity levels throughout the home. Here are some of the health benefits you may experience by using a dehumidifier.

1. Prevent Mold Growth
Mold growth in your home can be very dangerous, particularly to those suffering from mold allergies. Mold thrives in damp, dark areas, and can be commonly found in basements, attics, air ducts, RVs, and boats. As mold grows, it releases small spores that can cause nasal congestion, skin irritation, as well as other serious health issues. Using a dehumidifier in your home, RV, or boat can eliminate the moisture that mold needs to survive.

2. Improve Respiratory Health
Humidity encourages the development of indoor air pollutants that may trigger respiratory illnesses such as infections and asthma. A dehumidifier will make breathing much easier and reduce the risk of asthma flare-ups and other respiratory ailments, such as general discomfort and wheezing.

3. Decrease Allergic Reactions
If you suffer from allergies, a dehumidifier may help. Humidity encourages the growth of dust mites, a common trigger of indoor allergies. Using dehumidifiers will discourage the growth of dust mites throughout the home, which will reduce allergy symptoms such as sneezing, eye irritation, and others.

4. Increase Indoor Comfort
Dehumidifiers can also make your home a generally more comfortable place to be. Reduced indoor humidity can help lower the temperature, prevent musty odors, and reduce stuffiness throughout the home.

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