If you live in a hot, humid climate, chances are nobody needs to explain how to use a dehumidifier to anybody in your household. Keeping a healthy balance of moisture in your home helps you stay healthy and reduces your exposure to harmful bacteria.

What you might not know is the most effective way to use your dehumidifier, whether in your home or your office. If you haven’t tried using a dehumidifier yet, don’t be surprised when it becomes your best friend.

A dehumidifier regulates the amount of moisture in the air of a given space. You’d usually put a dehumidifier in a location that you occupy, or in a space to protect treasured belongings from moisture. By reducing the relative humidity levels in your home, your allergies and other respiratory problems should improve.

And it can make your home feel a lot more comfortable overall.

What Can a Dehumidifier Do for Your Home?

What Can a Dehumidifier Do for Your Home?

Before we dive into the how-to, let’s first talk about how a dehumidifier can help your home, and your family.

A damp home can be costly in the long run if you don’t do something about it. Moist air means you’re more likely to start experiencing respiratory problems such as allergies and asthma, due, in part, by mold and mildew formed from moisture.

Mold is a serious concern that can cause significant damage to your home, eating away at organic materials like wood in your walls and floors. Mold grows rapidly and spreads quickly. While it often starts out in your bathroom, it can manage to find a way into the rest of your home. A home with a serious mold problem can be expensive to treat if it’s ignored.

The bottom line is you don’t want to ignore the humidity levels in your home. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that you keep humidity levels below 60 percent in the summer and between 25-40 percent in the winter.

Purchasing a dehumidifier from a company like Eva-Dry is a low-cost approach that prevents mold from spreading. Dehumidifiers can manage a room’s humidity levels, drawing excess moisture out of the atmosphere, lessening the condensation and the potential for dampness to develop.

A dehumidifier will also make your home feel a lot more comfortable, eliminating musty odors that can be absorbed by your fabrics, walls and furniture.

So here are some ways to think about how to use a dehumidifier to ensure you’re getting the most value out of it.

Top Tips for Using a Dehumidifier

Best indoor places to use a dehumidifier

1. Best indoor places to use one

A good place to start would be placing a dehumidifier in very musty-smelling places. That can include:

The dehumidifier will do the trick, working like magic to absorb the excess moisture and make those unwelcome odors disappear.

Put your dehumidifier in the most humid room in your house, in the center of the room, at least 6 inches away from walls and furniture. It works better with a good flow of air around it.

2. Spotting Signs of High Humidity Levels

Looking for tell-tale signs of humidity. That can include:

  • Mold stains, often found in the ceiling in your bathroom or areas around the shower. If you see dark spots, you may have a mold problem.
  • Signs of condensation, such as the windows of your home having beads of water on them, or vapor or fog on the glass.
  • Water runoff. Some homes have a problem with groundwater going into the attic or basement when it rains.

3. Using a Dehumidifier For a Short Time

Use your dehumidifier when you know there’s been a buildup of moisture and condensation, such as right after taking a shower. Bathrooms are ideal for mold because they’re:

  • often poorly ventilated
  • Warm
  • Moist

Using your dehumidifier in the office

The same kind of moisture issues in your home can also be an issue at your office, particularly in office kitchens, bathrooms and storage spaces. Using a dehumidifier can help keep you and your employees healthy and productive.

Learning How to Use a Dehumidifier isn’t Difficult

While many people may already think that they understand how to use a dehumidifier, these small and inconspicuous devices can have amazing uses.

When considering where to use a dehumidifier, make sure to consider all of the places you spend time that may be developing mildew and mold due to moisture imbalances. Our dehumidifiers are crafted with superior-grade, sustainable materials so you can feel good about using our products.

Check out the portable mini dehumidifiers from Eva-Dry, and learn more about why they’re ideal for your home or office.

Contact us today to start your journey toward a healthier home.

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