Now that summer is almost over and the cooler weather is approaching, it is nearly time to put the summer toys away. When boats get stored, it can be difficult to find a way to keep them dry throughout the winter, especially if you used them during the summer like boats are meant to be used. (And we sincerely hope you did.) All that dampness can be difficult to dispel during storage. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to add a dehumidifier to the storage space. By keeping the space closed up and adding a dehumidifier, your boat will stay dry and mold free throughout the winter months. Eva-Dry has many dehumidifiers that can accomplish this feat.” The compact, rechargeable dehumidifiers Eva-Dry offers make drying your boat a breeze. An Eva-Dry boat dehumidifier is cordless and require no batteries. They are silent and discrete. Our E-500 series is perfect for this use. Containing a special desiccant material, they absorb moisture from the air and trap it. The unit can run for 30-60 days and then can simply be plugged into an outlet while the vapor is released. It only takes 12-14 hours to renew. This dehumidifier is also perfect to transfer back to the cabin of your boat when you are ready to head out on the water again! The Eva-Dry E-500 will fight off the mold and unpleasant smell that could come from not allowing your boat to truly dry out in storage. When spring rolls around again, you will not be burdened with trying to eradicate unpleasant smells below deck. You can find the E-500 series, as well as all of Eva-Dry’s other products, at And, as always, let us know how Eva-Dry is helping you keep your spaces dry and odor-free!

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