Kitchen Dehumidifier Uses

Cleaning day is every day in the kitchen and includes countless little chores throughout the day. However, little attention is spent on combating threatening moisture that may build up and cause mildew in unseen places as well as lingering odors. Would a small, silent dehumidifier for the kitchen be helpful to add to your peace of mind for you and your family?

Eva-Dry dehumidifiers provide a safe, effective way to combat moisture, mildew and musty odors in the kitchen around the clock. The E-333 is a compact unit that fits easily under the kitchen sink. It absorbs moisture in small silica gel beads without the use of cords or batteries. It is silent as well as non-toxic to children and pets. As the unit absorbs moisture it is ridding the area of foul under sink odors and the possibility of mildew growth. Especially important if the trash is kept under the sink.

The E-500 is a great unit for small utility rooms near the kitchen. It is a unit designed for a 500 cubic foot space that absorbs 6-8 ounces of moisture before renewing. When full, simply plug the unit into a standard outlet and it is renewed in 12-16 hours. It is a safe, silent way to pull humid air from the dryer and washer and to prevent mildew growth from forming under the appliances and providing a more comfortable room temperature.

A clean home also means healthier air to breath. With a clean under sink area and the kitchen and laundry areas free from moisture, mildew and mold are prevented from growing. This gives you peace of mind that your family is breathing clean allergen free air in your home.

Families are watching every dollar these days. Eva-Dry prides itself in providing a solution for families to combat household moisture and allergens in a very economical way. The E-333 and the E-500 are less than $35. They require no additional filters or batteries and are renewable for up to five years. That is 59 cents a month for the life of the unit! Gain peace of mind and cleanliness in your home from a company that cares.

Small Bathroom Dehumidifiers

Home dehumidifiersDo you need a dehumidifier for the bathroom? It has been bleached, scrubbed, sprayed and perfumed, yet it still stinks! What is going on with the bathroom? All the cleaning that has been done is not evident because the over powering musty smells continue to seep into the air. You have tried every cleaner, every plug-in fragrance item, and every air-spray sanitizer out there. Is there a solution to moisture, mildew and musty odors in the bathroom?

Yes there is! Eva-Dry compact dehumidifiers rid the problems not just the symptoms. Every bathroom fights a constant battle with moisture, which in turn breeds mildew and musty odors. The overhead ventilation fan is helpful, however usually not running long enough to rid the room of such high levels of damaging moisture. The, E-500 is an amazing silent compact unit that will effectively and constantly combat recurring moisture and high humidity in your bathroom.

The E-500 is full of small silica gel beads that absorb humidity silently. It stores the moisture in the thirsty beads for up to 60 days before being renewed. When the color changing crystals window turns from blue to pink, simply plug the unit into a standard outlet for 12-14 hours in a well-ventilated area. The moisture collected is re-released into the air and the unit is ready to be used again.

You may be thinking that you really do not want a dehumidifier running all the time especially when company calls. No need to worry as the Eva-Dry compact dehumidifier line is completely silent. Because it is so compact it can be hidden behind a toilet or mounted discretely on the wall. It is spill and mess free, as well as child and pet safe. There is no need to worry about someone accidently knocking it over or your little ones getting into it.

Keep the area you use daily to primp and preen purely clean down to the air you breathe. The Eva-Dry line eliminates odors, mold, mildew and damaging moisture. It reduces the allergens you breathe in the air creating a healthier environment for you and your family.

Stop scrubbing your fingers raw and get the most powerful, renewable mini-dehumidifier on the market today to keep your bathroom not only smelling clean - but actually be clean!

Eva-Dry. Damp In. Dry Out!