According to the World Health Organization, more than 16 % of the population, or 303 million people worldwide, suffer from chronic migraine headaches. Migraines can be caused by a variety of factors, including lack of sleep, hormonal changes, stress, anxiety, alcohol, caffeine, and certain food chemicals. However, recent studies demonstrate that changes in humidity levels also largely contribute to migraine headaches.

How Humidity Triggers Headaches

The National Headache Foundation reports that high humidity levels can often trigger weather migraines, also known as barometric pressure headaches. This is because humidity completely saturates the air around you with water vapor, making it more difficult for your body to obtain the necessary amount of oxygen for proper brain function. This not only makes you feel sluggish, but also leads to painful migraine headaches.

It’s also important to remember that humid temperatures increase the risk of heat exhaustion and dehydration, both of which will cause weather headaches or migraines. Be sure to drink plenty of water and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or humid climates to avoid more serious symptoms of dehydration.

The indoor humidity levels in your home should be around 60%. If your home has more than 80% humidity, then you’re putting you and your family at risk for mildew and mold development. Mold causes a variety of health issues, including headaches, allergies, asthma, skin irritation, and respiratory infections. Dehumidifiers not only control the amount of humidity in your home, but they also work to eliminate mildew, mold, and moisture damage. Consider putting a mini dehumidifier in your crawl space, basement, closets, or laundry room for maximum coverage.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the indoor air quality of your home triggering migraine headaches. Whether you’re interested in cutting down on mold or trying to combat sweltering summer temperatures, Eva-Dry Mini Dehumidifier provides the mini dehumidifiers for your needs.

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