At Eva-Dry our goal is to consistently provide our customers with the most innovative, top of the line products at affordable prices. The Eva-Dry Wireless Safe Sensor  humidity monitor has been designed to remotely give you critical environmental information from inside your safe without opening or disturbing the safe or other enclosed area. Safes protect some of our most prized possessions and keeping those items in optimal condition ensures that their longevity will not be at risk. Our latest product allows you to carefully monitor the conditions inside the safe without ever having to open it or play any guessing games once you do! So how does it work’ This two piece product consists of battery operated wireless remote sensor and dual LCD base unit. The wireless remote sensor is placed inside the safe or enclosed area. Once this has been implemented, place the dual LCD base unit within 9 feet of the remote sensor. The Eva-Dry” Safe Sensor will help you measure and maintain “acceptable” humidity levels. Anytime the RH levels exceed 65%, you are susceptible to mold, mildew and potential corrosion to your valuables. If the safe sensor measures anything over 60% RH, the main unit display will flash, letting you know you need to take action to bring the moisture level down. Eva-Dry is not only here to tell you when your items are at risk but we are also here to help you address your humidity issues. Check out our most recent special offers on many different sizes of dehumidifiers, moisture absorbers, humidity monitor options, and other products to help keep your possessions high and dry!

Eva-Dry In. Damp out.

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