E-500 High Capacity RV Dehumidifier

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RV Dehumidifier e-500

EASY TO USE & RECHARGE RV DEHUMIDIFIER: Just place and go to have your small spaces up to 500 cubic feet dry and odor-free with our small renewable dehumidifier.

RENEWABLE DEHUMIDIFIER THAT GOES A LONG WAY: Our e-500 RV dehumidifiers may be small but they are powerful! The units absorb up to 6oz-8oz of water over 30-60 days before needing to recharge the silica gel beads.

SMALL, SLEEK, ECO-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Our portable, renewable dehumidifiers are made without toxic chemicals and are completely child and pet safe. Their sleek eco-friendly design allows you to re-charge them anywhere. Their size is optimal for cars, closets, boats, cabinets, gun safes, and even gym bags! 

100% CORDLESS DEHUMIDIFIER: No cables or batteries required. Just plug your device into the wall and watch the silica beads dry up for re-use. 

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our dehumidifiers are of top quality, super durable, and extremely reliable. All Eva-Dry products come with an industry-leading, 5-year warranty guarantee so you can protect against moisture and mold.


These small yet powerful units protect areas up to 500 cubic feet. 

Optimal Use:

The E-500 is optimal for all of your small spaces including closets, under sinks, cabinets, pantries, cars, boat cabins, bathrooms, and even gun safes! They are great gifts for moms, dads, RV-travelers, van owners and boat fanatics. 

Design Technology:

Engineered with non-toxic crystallized silica gel technology, these mini dehumidifiers will quickly and efficiently absorb up to 6 to 8 oz of moisture from the air without any troublesome leaks or spills.  

Renewable & Eco-Friendly:

The devices are 100% RENEWABLE! They require no batteries or cords for use and work for up to 10 years.

How They Work:

As the devices absorb humidity from the air, the moisture indicator beads will turn from orange to green, indicating that it’s time to recharge the unit for 12-14 hours. Repeat the process for up to 10 years!

Our Eva-Dry Promise:

Protect your valuables and small spaces with our E-500s and enjoy dry, odorless, and healthy environments for up to 10 years! Contact our customer service if any issues arise with your product.

Other Uses:

  • Bedrooms: While absorbing excess moisture you are also reducing dust activity, and consequently the risk of allergies.
  • Basements: Protects stored clothing and tools from damage caused by excess moisture.
  • Cabinets: Protects stored food from damage caused by excess moisture.
  • Offices/Supply Closets: Protects electronic equipment, supplies and paper from damage caused by excess moisture.
  • Gym Lockers: Absorbs odors and dries wet gym clothes faster.
  • Safes: Protect your valuable pictures and important documents from damage caused by excess moisture.
  • Musical Instruments: Prevents damage caused by excess moisture.
  • Plastic Storage Containers: Absorbs musty odors, and prevents damage caused by excess moisture on stored seasonal clothing
Weight35 oz
Dimensions5.5 × 2.5 × 5.5 in

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Suited for spaces up to


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21 reviews for E-500 High Capacity RV Dehumidifier

  1. Donald

    I have used this item for my 24 Browning gun safe for several years. Works great. I have to recharge it about 0nce a week for about 6-12 hrs and it is ready to go.

  2. Ginger Anderson

    Works for about 18 months.
    I purchased 2 in November of 2017 from Amazon. The first year, they worked great. After that, it takes longer and longer to refresh the beads. Now, I can leave plugged in for over a week and the beads are still green. Neither one works anymore. I am back to buying Damp Rid for my closets.

  3. Katherine Hallett-Myers

    I bought a set of these for my RV. I had a problem with plugging these into an outlet. Too heavy for a wall outlet so I used a extension cord or plug board. I was not happy with these at all. It took forever to get them dried out to reuse. Not very good for RV plug in.

  4. Sam

    Interesting that there’s not a single negative review on this item. I’ve found that mine do pull some moisture out of the air, but even in a small 3×4 closet (96 cubic feet), and monitoring the humidity…it will only drop a point or two. Given that it’s rated for 500 cu ft, you’d think it would be far more effective given that I’m only using 20% of it’s ability.

  5. Amazon Customer

    This item was highly recommended to us by a friend to use in our safe. So far so good no problems. It came right away packaging was great. Highly recommend

  6. Ian

    I have been using these to keep the humidity low in a plastic bin for my 3d filament and they work great. It helps keep it below 20% and I haven’t had to recharge them yet.

  7. Jon S Teefey

    I had one of these and liked it so much I bought 2 more for my safe!

  8. M. Huang

    I purchased the E-500 to keep my car dry inside in the California rainy winter. High humidity and low temperature combined are bad for human body. So far I am happy about the product. Not like house, inside the vehicle it is impossible to use conventional dehumidifier.

    One issue worth to mention is that the indication printed on the product is wrong. It should be that Orange indicates wet and Green indicates Dry. I think that is the reason why a lot users are not happy. If you put a wet one into the closet, it will probably never become green (dry) by itself. And for sure it will not reduce the humidity for you.

    Mine came as Orange inside. Plug in for a night, you can feel the heat and inside became partially dark blue, which is okay. Darker the better. Put it in my car for 3 hours, it completely returns to Orange or transparent again. I may need more than one for my purpose.

  9. Foltzilla

    Overall great product and does what it’s intended.

  10. Steve S.

    Didn’t have to run power to the location. Makes no sound. Long warranty.

  11. TreyM

    I’m using the item for inside my 24 gun safe. The item does its job as far as I know. The plug is located at the bottom so once it turns the pellets green I plug it up and it dries them out for re-use. It usually takes about 3 days for the beads to get completely dry for me. Not sure if this differs for anyone else but that is my average turn around time for wet to completely dry and ready for use.

  12. TC

    It’s a Christmas gift – will let you know more after the holidays !

  13. Amazon Customer

    Bought 2 E 500s for my large Liberty Timberline gun safe. I live on the gulf coast so humidity is an ongoing issue. So far they have helped control the moisture on really humid days to between 55 to 60%. On dry days my safes humidity is between 47 and 50%. I have had them for about 90 days and have had to plug them in to dry them once. Would highly recommend.

  14. spinrbait

    They do a great job. you have to plug them in a wall every so often to get the moisture out of them. i have several of them i haven’t had any fail.

  15. Thoth

    I no longer worry about rust in my safe! This is an excellent renewable source of humidity control! I highly recommend this! I am very interested in other products by this company! Not only is this a neat and super energy saving product, It really works! I give it my 100% trust to keep my guns safe! All gun enthusiasts should own one of these bad boys!

  16. Lon d

    Very Good, Thanks

  17. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for gun safes!

  18. Michael J Sullivan

    This is my 3rd one works very well

  19. Dobe

    These work great! I have been using these for years in my closet and they really help with the humidity.

  20. Andrew

    This thing works! I used this in a big rubermaid bin asa dry box. It keeps the box around 40-50% humidity while the room it is in us around 75%.

  21. Chris N

    I use one of these in my chest freezer based kegerator. Does an outstanding job of keeping condensation under control. I’ve used the same one for a long, long time and it’s still going. I picked up a second for use in my fermentation chest freezer.

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