Controlling the humidity levels in your home during the winter months greatly influences the comfort of your entire house. Basements are often a problem area during the colder months of the year, due to decreased exposure to heat and sunlight from outside. This can cause basements to trap unwanted moisture inside, becoming a breeding ground for mold and mildew. For many parts of the country, using a dehumidifier is a great solution to balance your indoor humidity levels to create a healthy and comfortable environment within your home. When you run a dehumidifier during the winter months, here are a few things you need to know:

  • If you are using a dehumidifier that has an electric motor in rooms that are below 60 degrees (like a basement), use caution. Since a dehumidifier attracts moisture, the coils can possibly freeze if the weather gets too cold. Keep an eye on your device when the temperatures start plummeting to avoid this.
  • If you suffer from allergies during the winter months a dehumidifier will help with your indoor allergy symptoms. Many of the most common allergens thrive in humid environments. A dehumidifier can regulate humidity throughout the home, helping to eliminate many indoor allergy triggers.
  • Do you know what the humidity levels are in your home” The easiest way to do so is to use a hygrometer. A hygrometer will let you know the relative humidity of any area at a glance. Keep in mind, your home will feel most comfortable at humidity levels between 45 and 55%.
  • Safety First! When you choose an Eva-Dry dehumidifier you can rest assured that you are utilizing one of the safest dehumidifiers on the market. Eva-Dry compact dehumidifiers are the most efficient way to gather moisture, and have an absorption rate much higher than more traditional dehumidifying products on the market today.

For many of us, running a dehumidifier during the winter months is necessary,” said Matt Henson, Vice President of Business Development at Eva-Dry. “At Eva-Dry we strive to provide the safest solution to your humidity problems, by offering “eco-friendly, renewable dehumidifiers that operate without electricity.’

The Eva-Dry E-500 is a great option for areas up to 500 cubic feet in size where you want to combat moisture and protect your home from the harsh challenges of winter humidity fluctuation.” This eco-friendly dehumidifier silently protects against mold, mildew and moisture. The device requires no batteries or cords, is 100% renewable, and is non-toxic! Plus, it can work for up to 10 years!

About Eva Dry Dehumidifiers

Since 2003, Eva-Dry compact dehumidifiers have earned their reputation as the safest, healthiest and most efficient method to reduce ambient moisture by providing a higher absorption rate than alternate disposable dehumidifying products. The compact, renewable Eva-Dry units reduce humidity to fight mold, moisture and mildew in homes, boats, RVs, safes, and other valuable item storage areas. Visit, or call (877) 382-3790 for more information.

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