Silica gel is a very efficient dehumidifier. Its properties make it safe and highly effective even in small quantities. This naturally occurring mineral can be synthesized into small beads or granules, and these are used to control humidity in many environments.

Where Does Silica Come From
Silica is a naturally occurring mineral solid. For many people, silica gel appears in a familiar beaded form in small packets contained within dry goods, food, and some purchased items. It is a desiccant, or a natural dehumidifier. It absorbs moisture, reducing the humidity of its surrounding environment. This is why silica gel is very effective at keeping food from spoiling due to mold or mildew, which thrive on moisture.

How is Silica Gel Made
Silica gel can be synthesized or processed in its natural form. Sodium silicate, sometimes called liquid glass, is processed to eventually produce silica gel, the dehydrated and colorless end product. The silica gel is formed into beads and coated with a vapor-permeable plastic. The result is a versatile dehumidifying agent.

Uses of Silica Gel
Silica gel has a high affinity for water. Most silica gel can absorb up to 40% of its weight in water, and it can be easily recharged with heat. Mini dehumidifiers can use silica gel to control moisture in many different areas. From individual rooms in your home, gun safes, marine, and RV applications, these dehumidifiers absorb environmental moisture until they are at capacity.

When this happens, they can simply be heated to reactivate their dehumidifying capabilities for further moisture control. The reusable nature makes mini humidifiers using silica gel a far more economical and versatile alternative to larger units that are less eco-friendly and not reusable.

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