Frequently Asked Questions

Question How does a dehumidifier work?
AnswerA dehumidifier removes moisture from the air and lowers your relative humidity percentage (RH%). Keeping your RH% below 50% will prevent moisture issues and damage.
Question What size dehumidifier do I need?
AnswerTo select the correct size and type of dehumidifier you will need to know the size of the space you are trying to dehumidify and what your target RH% is for that space. For small, enclosed spaces such as gun safes, 3D filament storage, reptile tanks, musical instrument cases, etc. the renewable models E-250, E-333, E-500, and Air-Dry cylinders are ideal.

Eva-Dry model numbers are based on the maximum amount of cubic footage (L x W x H) the unit is designed to work within. Only the EDV-4000 model has the option to change modes based on your targeted RH%.

Question Does a dehumidifier cool a room?
AnswerA dehumidifier will lower the humidity and the resulting dryness can make you feel cooler. But most dehumidifiers will omit light heat and some may even raise the ambient temperature of the room slightly while in use.
Question Are dehumidifiers safe?
AnswerEva-Dry uses nontoxic desiccant in our renewable desiccant technology for E250, E333, E500, EDV365AD models. Peltier technology for EDV-1100, 1200, 2400, 2500 models use a heated block and a cooled block that work together with a fan to draw in moisture. Then it cools the moist air to water droplets to fill the tank using no chemicals, while the warm dry air is outputted through the top of the unit.

The EDV-4000 rotary desiccant technology is a more powerful compressor-less way to dehumidify that doesn’t omit the GWP gases that a compressor-based unit would since they use coolant. The EDV-4000 has a greater absorption rate than Peltier technology and works in the widest temperature range of all our electrical dehumidifiers.

Question How long does a dehumidifier take to work?
AnswerDepending on the type of technology, the dehumidifying product you select, and the application the results will differ. As soon as you start using the dehumidifier, the unit will start collecting moisture from the air and the model you select will determine the speed of the moisture absorption.
Question How long do dehumidifiers last?
AnswerEva-Dry uses non-toxic desiccants in its renewable units. This desiccant is a natural substance that will always absorb moisture. After several years the desiccant beads will absorb less moisture. The units last roughly 10 years before needing to be replaced, but as long as the heat source in the unit works, the beads will continue to absorb moisture and the heater inside will allow the beads to expel the moisture absorbed. The renewable units are also covered by a 5-year warranty.

Eva-Dry’s electric models are covered by a 1-year warranty, but like most electric products it depends on the preventative maintenance as to how long they will last.

Keeping the unit dust-free is important, as dust accumulation will cause the internal parts to have to work harder and can cause power cord failure over time. To keep it in optimal performance we recommend using compressed air quarterly to dust the outer vents and inside components to prevent and clear out dust accumulation. Make sure prior to using compressed air to clear the unit, turn off and unplug the unit, and remove the water reservoir.

Question What should I set my dehumidifier at?
AnswerKeeping your RH% below 55% is ideal for most environments in your home. For gun safes, you want to keep it between 30%-50%. For other applications, such as sausage or cheese making and reptile/animal tanks or cages, you will need to research what the ideal RH% is for that specific environment.
Question Do dehumidifiers use a lot of electricity?
AnswerDepending on the type of technology the dehumidifier uses will determine how much electricity the device will use.

Silica gel renewable models (E250, E333, E500, EDV365AD) do not require any power during the dehumidification process, only during the renewal process. The units use 22.5 Watts.

The Peltier models (EDV-1100, EDV-1200, EDV-2200, EDV-2400, & EDV-2500) vary from 22.5 watts for the EDV-1100 & EDV-1200 to up to 72 watts for the larger sizes. The EDV-4000 unit uses rotary desiccant technology and depending on the mode selected will use from 330 watts on low to 615 watts on high.

Question Does a dehumidifier clean the air?
AnswerA dehumidifier removes moisture from the air, it is not an air purifier.
Question How to dehumidify a basement?
AnswerWhen you’re dehumidifying any space, we recommend having a hygrometer to be able to know what your RH% is. Most spaces should be kept below 55%.

Next, know the size of your space, so that you can select a unit large enough to properly handle the area you’re trying to dehumidify. Since you are dehumidifying the entire room and not just the floor space, we advise you to know the cubic footage (L x W x H) of your space, not just the square footage (L x W).

Lastly make sure you’re selecting the proper type of technology to be able to meet your RH% goals for the space based on the atmospheric conditions.

Question Is dehumidifier water distilled and can I drink it?
AnswerEva-Dry dehumidifiers do not have a purification system built into the units to make the water drinkable. You could pour the water into a filtration pitcher, but we do not recommend drinking it or giving it to pets without filtering. It is however great to use for watering plants.
Question What causes a dehumidifier to freeze up?
AnswerThe type of technology the dehumidifier uses will determine the operating temperatures. Peltier technology has an operating temperature above 45°F and can freeze up the cool block inside when near that temperature. The warm block and fan draw the moist air into the unit and then the cool block condenses it into water. As the water drops down the cool block it can freeze up if the surrounding area’s temperature drops too low.
Question Why does my dehumidifier blow hot air?
AnswerHeat is used to assist with the drying of the air.

Product Specific, Eva-Dry FAQ's

Question Are the E-250, E-333, E-500 & Air Dry System compatible for 220 V?
AnswerYes, the specs on these units are AC100-240V.
Question Does Eva-Dry Sell Replacement Water Tanks For The EDV-1100, EDV-1200, EDV-2200, EDV-2400 and EDV-2500?
AnswerYes, the EDV-1100 & EDV-1200 are $14.95; EDV-2200, EDV-2400 and the EDV-2500 are $19.95 each with free Shipping. Please call the office to process your order.
Question What Preventative Maintenance Is There For The EDV-1100, EDV-1200, EDV-2200, EDV-2400, EDV-2500 and EDV-4000?
AnswerTake a Q tip with rubbing alcohol and wipe down the vents in front of the unit. Put 1/3 bleach and 2/3 water in tank every 3 months to keep the tank clean. The lid cannot be removed from tank. The lid keeps the floatation device in place to shut off the unit when the tank is full.

We recommend every 30-90 days to clean the unit with compressed air. Turn off the unit, unplug, remove water tank, and blow compressed air in all the vents and then up in where the water tank slides in to remove any dust that may have accumulated inside the unit during operation.

Question Where Is The Best Place To Put My Eva-Dry In The Safe?
AnswerIt’s best to place it on the top shelf, free standing with both sides of the unit open to air flow. If using a heat rod in your safe also keep the Eva-Dry as far away as possible. This is because Eva-Dry uses heat to dry the desiccant inside the unit.
Question What are The Maximum Consecutive Hours The E-250, E-333, E-500, and the Air Dry System Should Be Plugged In For Renewing?
Answer18 consecutive hours MAXIMUM for E-250, E-333 & E-500.  Air Dry System requires 2 hour minimum, and maximum 6 hours.
Question My Beads Are Not Changing Back To Their Original Color When Renewing (E-250, E-333, E-500, and the Air Dry System)
AnswerPlug the unit in for 18 hours then unplug the unit let it get cold to the touch (approx 1 hour) then plug the unit back in for an additional 18 hours. The reason you unplug the unit and let it get cold to the touch is to let the plastic casing cool down before applying your next drying cycle.

The indicator beads take up less than .004% of the beads in the unit, and are not the beads that do the dehumidification, they simply are intended as an indicator.  The indicator beads have a chemical added to them that allows them to color change, and are separated from the clear working beads inside the unit. The color chemical added to the beads is sensitive, and may be affected by vapors in its environment (i.e. fragrances, cleaning products, metals, etc.).

Question Does Eva-Dry Sell The Beads Separately For The E-250, E-333, E-500, or the Air Dry System?
AnswerNo, the beads can not be replaced.
Question Do I Need To Remove The Label On The Back Of The E-500 That Says “Renewable & Never Exhausts”?
Question Do The E-250, E-333, E-500, and the Air Dry System Have Scented Fragrances?
AnswerUnfortunately, not at this time.
Question Are The Beads Inside The E-250, E-333, E-500, and the Air Dry System Toxic?
AnswerNo, they are absolutely safe.
Question How Long Is The Warranty On Your Products?
AnswerEva-Dry proudly backs their products with the following warranties:

5 Year Warranty: E-250, E-333, E-500, EDV-365

1 Year Warranty: EDV-1100, EDV-2200, EDV-2500, Air Dry Base

90 Day Warranty: EDH-85

Question Is There A Light On The Eva-Dry E-250, E-333, E-500, or the Air Dry System ?
AnswerNo, not a light but color changing crystals will indicate when your Eva-Dry is ready to be renewed.
Question Do I Need To Plug The E-250, E-333, E-500, or the Air Dry System Units In For Them To Operate?
AnswerNo, these units work without power, batteries or wires. The only time you will need to plug the unit in is when it is time to renew.
Question What Size Room Will The EDV-1100, EDV-1200, EDV-2200, EDV-2400 and the EDV-2500 Dehumidify Effectively?
AnswerThe model numbers directly correlate the amount of cubic footage (L x W x H) the unit will dehumidify.
Question Will My EDV-1100, EDV-1200, EDV-2200, EDV-2400 or EVD-2500 Turn Itself Off?
AnswerYes, there is a float switch that will automatically turn the EDV-1100, EDV-1200, EDV-2200, EDV-2400, and /or EDV-2500 off once it has reached its capacity.
Question How Much Power Do The EDV-1100 / EDV-1200 / EDV-2200 / EDV-2400 / EDV-2500 Use?
AnswerThe EDV-1100, EDV-1200, EDV-2200, EDV-2400 and EDV-2500 use very little power and are quite economical. The power consumption for the EDV-1100 & EDV-1200 is only 22.5 W of power. The EDV-2400 uses 60 W of power and the EDV-2200 and EDV-2500 uses 72 W.
Question Can I Retro Fit The EDV-1100 / EDV-1200 / EDV-2200 / EDV-2500 To Run Continuously?
AnswerAs the manufacturer, we strongly oppose any tampering with your item. Tampering or altering the Eva-dry will void the warranty.
Question Will The Silica Gel Need Replacing In The EDV-4000?
Question Does The EDV-4000 Emit Heat?
AnswerYes, the unit generates mild heat.
Question Can The EDV-4000 Run Continuously?
AnswerYes, as long as the unit is equipped with the option drain hose. When the unit is placed on auto it will run until the tank is full, at which point it will shut off, so the optional drain hose is needed for continuous operation.

Additional questions

Question How to clean a dehumidifier?
AnswerCleaning depends on the selected unit. We will be adding cleaning tips to product pages with our coming website updates.

The renewable units do not need to be cleaned, aside from occasional wiping with a damp cloth if the shell becomes dirty.

For the electric units, we recommend using compressed air quarterly throughout the year to dust the inside of the unit. Dusting is to be done while the unit is off, unplugged, and with the tank removed. Spray compressed air in the vents and up to where the water tank slides in to remove any dust accumulation from the fan and blocks inside the unit.

As for the water tank, use a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar mix to clean away any build-up that may form inside the tank. Start by adding the baking soda first then add the vinegar. The foaming action created will clear away build-up from the walls and bottom of the tank. You may also use a pipe cleaner for stubborn spots. We also sell replacement tanks if needed.

Question When should dehumidifiers be used?
AnswerDehumidification should be used to help reach targeted RH%, or in general when an area is above 60% RH to avoid mold, mildew, musty odors and prevent damage caused by excess moisture.
Question Can one dehumidifier work for the whole house?
AnswerDehumidifiers come in various sizes, technologies, and are designed usually to tackle enclosed spaces. For one unit to dehumidify an entire home you would need something that works with your central heat and air system. Eva-Dry does not manufacture anything that large. Our largest unit, the EDV-4000, can dehumidify spaces up to 4000 cubic ft (L x W x H= cubic ft).

Although more than one unit can be used in your house if needed to reach the targeted RH%.

Question Is my dehumidifier supposed to be getting hot?
AnswerThe renewable models (E-250, E-333, and E-500, and Air-Dry system) use heat to allow the desiccant beads to swell and expel the moisture they have absorbed.

Electric models (Peltier and Rotary desiccant) also use heat to assist in drying air that is outputted from the unit, depending on the type of technology used. On the EDV-4000 the mode selected will determine how much heat is outputted from the unit during use.

Question What does it mean when the light starts blinking on my dehumidifier?
AnswerThe EDV-1200 model will have the power button flashing a blue light indicating that it is full and the tank needs to be emptied.

If the EDV-2500 has a flashing blue light that is indicating a defrost cycle and the cool block inside has frozen. We recommend turning the unit off for an hour or two to defrost. Ensure this is done in an area warmer than 50°F.

If the EDV-2500 has a flashing red light the unit has an internal issue and you should contact customer support.

The EDV-4000 will have the LED light on when it has an internal issue.

The EDV-1100, EDV-2200, and EDV-2400 all have full light indicators separate from the power button. The EDV-2400 will have a flashing light when the RH% set on the humidistat has been reached.

Question Do dehumidifiers remove odors?
AnswerReducing moisture will remove odors caused by excess moisture such as mustiness, but will not remove other types of odors like smoke or scents that have set in. The EDV-4000 has an ionizer option that can help remove some odors from spaces but it is not designed to remove existing odors.
Question Can a dehumidifier soak up my sweat?
AnswerNo. A dehumidifier will help absorb sweat/moisture from clothes, sneakers, and workout areas post-workout, but it will not take the sweat off of your body.
Question What is the difference between a humidifier and a dehumidifier?
AnswerA humidifier adds moisture to the air. It is commonly used when someone is ill or during the winter months. Cooler climates can cause humidity levels to drop and the heat you use in your home can drop humidity levels even further, resulting in dry skin, chapped lips, and your hair feeling brittle.

A dehumidifier removes excess moisture from damp environments. They are usually used in the spring, summer, and through early fall when RH% gets high (above 60%). During these times you may smell musty odors, feel clammy, or start to notice mold and mildew. Keeping your relative humidity level below 50% will keep your spaces safe from moisture-causing issues that can also lead to health issues over time if left unattended.