A Kitchen Dehumidifier Will Combat Excess Moisture

Kitchens tend to have higher humidity levels than the rest of the home, due to access to running water and the refrigerator. Yes, your refrigerator is affecting the moisture in your kitchen. We often don’t get to see the backside of our fridge, but the coolant system keeping everything cold produces a small amount of moisture that spreads through the room.

Dehumidifiers That Fit Your Kitchen’s Needs

Eva-Dry has several different kitchen dehumidifiers to address your needs. For example, these select few dehumidifiers make great options to pick from for use in the kitchen:

Compact Kitchen Dehumidifiers

Our units’ compact size, quiet operation, along with using low power consumption make them perfect to sit on your countertops and lower the RH% in your kitchen for a better baking experience.

For the best baking, it is important to make sure your dry goods are in fact dry. Flour and sugars tend to clump when there is excess moisture which can make your batter harder to mix, inevitably making your treats not live up to their yummy potential.

Renewable Dehumidifiers

Our renewable models;

These Air Dry cylinders are compact units that easily fit under the kitchen sink, in the fridge to cut down on condensation, or in your pantry to reduce excess moisture that can affect the freshness of your foods. The units absorb moisture into small desiccant beads without the use of cords or batteries, they are silent, and non-toxic making them safe to have around food, children, and pets.

As the units absorb moisture it is also helping rid the area of foul under-sink odors, which is especially important if the trash is kept under the sink.

Comfort in the Kitchen

During get-togethers people tend to congregate around the food, making the kitchen and dining room areas the popular place and one you want to have clean and fresh smelling. Eva-Dry kitchen dehumidifiers provide a safe, effective way to combat excess moisture, which leads to musty odors in the kitchen.