Get better quality 3D prints by keeping your filament dry!

Humidity is the #1 enemy of 3D printer filaments!

“Relative Humidity” (also known as water vapor in the air) can damage your costly filament and ruin a print, sometimes after it’s already been printing for hours! Moisture in the filament will become steam when heated through the 3D printer nozzle. That steam has been known to cause a host of printing defects including stringing, popping, and poor mechanical properties.

To get the best print quality, keep the humidity level where you store your filament and where you print below 45 % relative humidity (RH). At levels above 55-60 %, you will see problems. The higher the humidity gets, the lower your chances of getting a successful print.

To keep your filament dry and ensure success with every print, follow these tips:

  1. Get a hygrometer! – Get a hygrometer that measures temperature and humidity so you know the RH levels in the room you keep your printer and filament storage.
  2. Turn up your heat and/or air conditioning unit – 3D printers are fairly sensitive to relative humidity. When you increase the temperature indoors, the relative humidity will go down. In hot and humid climates like Florida, turning up the air conditioner will also decrease the humidity.
  3. Keep an eye out for heating and cooling systems that automatically turn off – causing an increase in relative humidity while they are not running. This could cause a failed print.
  4. Get a dehumidifier! Our renewables are perfect for filament storage solutions, while our larger electronic dehumidifiers can keep the humidity in the room at optimal levels. Featured in the video is the EDV-365 Air Dry System Bundle.
  5. Build an enclosure for your printer!  – With an enclosure, you don’t need to dehumidify the whole room to keep the air surrounding the printer dry. A 3D printer enclosure will keep the humidity low and the temperature even around the printer. For even better results, place a dehumidifier inside the enclosure.
  6. Store your 3D printer filaments correctly! Your filament manufacturer will ship your filaments in special packaging designed to keep them dry during shipping. Once you open them, however, they will rapidly absorb moisture from the air. In just a few hours in humid air, the print quality will degrade. Watch the video for a dependable and affordable filament storage solution.