RV Dehumidifier & Camper Dehumidifier

Grow Your Bucket List, Not Mold

Keep your camping trips clean with a camper or RV Dehumidifier.

Moist air will condense on walls, seep between joints, and cause serious damage to your RV’s structural integrity. It’s possible to get a rampant mold fungus growing that you regularly contribute to with showering and cooking in your RV, without even realizing the damage you’re causing.

Airflow is Important

RV’s and campers are built with small ventilation fans, skylights, and windows but they also have unique circulation issues. As every nook and cranny is maximized for either multiple purposes or storage space, there is likely to be cabinets and corners that simply aren’t reached by the airflow those little fans encourage.

You are going to need a more aggressive strategy to control moisture in your RV that is small and fully contained, spill proof, non-toxic and non-corrosive, not dependant on additional electricity or power draw, and renewable.

Control moisture with an RV Dehumidifier

Using safe, natural silica gel, the Eva-Dry Mini Dehumidifiers address all of an RV owner’s moisture control needs. These units are small (about the size of a smoke detector) and can be placed anywhere in the RV to absorb moisture out of the air. They won’t spill when drawers are opened or when the camper is moving; they also don’t require any electricity or power to work.

After the unit is full, simply plug it into an outlet in a well-ventilated space to release the moisture back into the outdoor air.

The unit can then be reused up to 10 years. It’s silent, safe around children and pets, and eco-friendly.

Check unseen areas

Using one or more of the EDV-500 Eva-Dry units in strategic places within your RV will control moisture and keep condensation at bay. It also will prevent musty, moldy smells from forming on your clothing, linens, and upholstery. Place one in your pantry cabinets to keep flours and grains from caking. Don’t forget storage areas like the unventilated “boxes” formed under beds and sinks.

Obtaining one or many for your home on the road is affordable and easy and should be part of a safe moisture control strategy year ‘round in your RV.