Improve Your Life on The Water
With a Boat Dehumidifier

Let’s face it, owning a boat is not always all-play. Between swabbing the deck and rinsing it down, you have to worry about high humidity and moisture on the high seas. One summer of neglect can leave your beautiful wood-trimmed cabin moldy and cost you a great deal of money to restore. Eva-Dry’s boat dehumidifier is the solution that protects your long-term investment.

boat dehumidifier

Keep Moisture at Bay With A Boat Dehumidifier

Ah, the salty sea air, the wind at your back, what a beautiful day on the water…until you go underneath for a cold drink and that musty smell interrupts your perfect day. The E-500 High Capacity Renewable Dehumidifier series is perfect for a 500 cubic foot space, such as your boat cabin. It’s a compact dehumidifier that is renewable, cordless, requires no batteries and is silent and discrete. It absorbs damaging moisture from the air and traps it in silica gel beads. This unit will not require renewing for 30-60 days.

Spend Less Time Scrubbing

One summer of neglect can leave your beautiful wood-trimmed cabin moldy and costing you a great deal of money to restore. Reduce cleaning time so you can spend more time on the water with an Eva-Dry’s boat dehumidifier. They are easy to use in the cabin, mess free and small enough to hide anywhere. Eva-Dry dehumidifiers clean the air of allergens, help eliminate mold, and renew the air.

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