Using a Greenhouse Dehumidifier Means Healthy Plant Life

Simple hydroponic growing systems are easy to set up and maintain, and even the most un-talented gardener can enjoy a lush, fresh harvest of cooking or medicinal herbs on a daily basis. Whether you set up a simple hydroponic herb garden in an indoor greenhouse, a sunny windowsill or on your kitchen counter using a grow light, Eva-Dry can assist with a hydroponics or greenhouse dehumidifier.

Manage Mildew Effectively

Specialized lighting, timing and watering mechanisms are needed to produce herbs in quantity. Fans may be needed to keep the air continually moving, and dehumidification of the area may be required for the comfort of the humans and the health of the plants. Botrytis, or powdery mildew, is a fungal disease that can occur in plants if the humidity level is too high.

Innovative Technology

For spaces up to 4000 cubic feet, the EDV-4000 uses innovative rotary desiccant technology to provide high volume dehumidification without requiring a compressor. Featuring a large catch basin that only requires periodic emptying, and a built-in ionizer and bacteria-killing filter, this machine will keep your crop healthy while making sure your space is comfortable. For smaller gardens, consider the E-333 or E-500, which will dehumidify a 333 cu. foot or 500 cu. foot area (respectively) without requiring a dedicated power source.