Basement Dehumidifier: Keep Moisture Away Today

Basements can provide great additional space in your home for you to utilize. Commonly used for storage, kids’ playroom, decked out bonus/ game room, extra bedroom(s), or a mother-in-law suite with a small kitchen and bathroom to use as a potential rental property, the options are endless.

Since basements are really nothing more than a fancy hole in the ground it tends to be the preferred location for excess rainwater to settle. Due to this fact builders have developed sump pump systems that take the water that flows into your basement and pumps it away from the structure. With most of the water being pumped away, high relative humidity levels can still present issues that can compromise your structure and make you sick.

Combat High Humidity Levels

A basement dehumidifier will lower your relative humidity to prevent the excess moisture from causing harm to you and your home. There are signs to look for to tell if your humidity levels are too high;

  • Visible mold growth on floors, ceilings, walls, and furniture.
  • Walls feel damp to the touch.
  • Condensation on surfaces.
  • Odor of mold or a mustiness in the basement.
  • Watermarks on floors indicating moisture rising through the foundation.
  • Items stored in your basement smell of mold/ mildew and or have visible signs of growth.

To keep you, your home, and your basement at a safe and comfortable level the relative humidity (RH%) should be kept below 55%. A hygrometer at the basic level will provide you with the temperature and RH%. With that knowledge, you will be able to better address your moisture concerns, and find the right tools to tackle them before they lead to bigger issues.

Perfect For Big Spaces

Eva-Dry’s EDV-4000 model uses rotary desiccant technology for dehumidification, meaning that uses no refrigerant, like similar units with compressors, it is more environmentally friendly. The desiccant basement dehumidifier maintains high dehumidification in its working range (34°F – 104°F) broader than Compressor or Peltier technologies (> 45°F).

The EDV-4000 also features an optional ionizer function, and a removable filter. Everyone has enough on their plate already so for added convenience the EDV-4000 has optional drain hose option so that you’re not having to remember to dump a bucket every day.

By making sure your basement is properly dehumidified you reduce your chance of dealing with issues that can compromise your extra space and the health of you and your family.