Garage Dehumidifier: Keep Moisture Away Today

When you add up all you have spent on the tools in your garage or shed, it could be a staggering figure! Even just a handful of rakes, hoes, shovels, and hand-gardening tools would cost a lot to replace. And we haven’t even started on the specialty tools for the everyday handyman, let alone the accomplished woodworker or builder. That’s why it’s imperative that you protect your tools with a shed dehumidifier.

Consider Your Locations

Paying attention to how and where you store your tools and what type of climate you are in can help you understand if your items are at risk for water damage. Water comes in the form of running rivulets, standing puddles, damp concrete, and moisture in the air. It can lurk in your shed or garage, and especially likes to hide in corners and out-of-the-way places where there is little airflow. Too little airflow and humidity levels that are too high can corrode your precious investments, making them virtually useless.

A Unit for Every Space

A tool shed or garage dehumidifier may be the answer to the problem. If you have electricity available and have a large area, the EDV 4000, EDV-2400, or 2500 may be the unit for you. If you have a smaller space, and you do not have electricity available, Eva-Dry makes several economical units that use a desiccant material to trap moisture from the air. There is no spill and no mess; when the units are “full”, they are ready to be renewed. To renew the units, plug into a power strip with a minimum of 24″ of space to ensure enough ventilation for heat and moisture to be expelled. This process can be repeated for up to ten years.

The Tool to Protecting Your Tools

Do not let a small investment in dehumidification technology keep you from protecting your larger investment in your tools. Whether you have a shed, garage, or you store your tools in a closet, take a look at your humidity levels and keep them down to make your equipment last a lifetime with a dehumidifier.