Less Humidity for Better Brewing with a Keezer Dehumidifier

Did you know a kegerator or keezer dehumidifier could help you make a better brew?

There is nothing quite like pulling a pint of your own home brew to share with your friends. But for those aficionados who fashion their own kegerators, humidity issues can be problematic. In some cases, tighter seals will solve a moisture problem, but in cases where there is still dripping and too much humidity in your kegerator, Eva-Dry has the solution for you.

Both the Eva-Dry E-333 and the Eva-Dry E-500 are small, portable dehumidifiers that are wireless, require no batteries, are spill and mess-proof, and are safe and non-toxic for use around pets and people.

These mini dehumidifiers contain silica gel and/or silica beads, which safely absorb excess moisture. When time to renew, simply plug the unit into a power strip allowing 24″ of space for proper ventilation.  The renewal process should be repeated every 2-6 weeks for 12-18 hours (depending on model).  This can be repeated for up to ten years – making your original investment a sound one.

Environmentally friendly, UL listed and CE approved, the Eva-Dry mini humidifier is ideal for Home Brewers.