Boat dehumidifierAh, the salty sea air, the wind at your back, what a beautiful day on the water…until you go underneath for a cold drink and that musty smell interrupts your perfect day. Let’s face it, owning a boat is not always all-play. Besides swabbing the deck and rinsing her down, you have to worry about high humidity and moisture on the high seas. One summer of neglect can leave your beautiful wood-trimmed cabin moldy and costing you a great deal of money to restore.

Meet Eva-Dry compact dehumidifiers. Damp In, Dry Out! These very compact, rechargeable humidifiers are cordless, require no batteries and are silent as well as discrete. Our E-500 series is perfect for a 500 cubic foot space such as your boat cabin. It absorbs damaging moisture from the air and traps it in silica gel beads. This unit will not require recharging for 30-60 days. Simply plug the unit into a power strip while the water vapor is released, and it’s renewed within 12-14 hours.

Boat owners are always looking for ways to reduce cleaning time and increase their enjoyment on the water. Eva-Dry’s dehumidifiers are easy to use in the cabin. They are mess free and small enough to hide anywhere.

In addition to the humidity, interesting smells are always a challenge for boat owners. Eva-Dry dehumidifiers clean the air of allergens and mold, and renew the air. Cabin port-a-potty. Musty fridge. Packed life jackets. Boat stored in dry storage or under the cover. These are all potential candidates for the smells you would rather not experience. Use Eva-Dry compact dehumidifiers to solve the situation before it becomes a smelly, musty, moldy problem. It is a safe non-toxic, efficient way to protect and prolong your investment.

An Interview with Eva-Dry

Eva-Dry Interview at IBEX Boat ShowListen to this great interview with Eva-Dry, from the IBEX Boat Show on the Bob's No Wake Zone Radio Show.  Eva-Dry explains how the units work and why the products are great for keeping boats mildew-free. Thanks Captain Bob May!