Beware that your car is the one place that can be turned into a hot bed for moisture by parking it in the hot sun all day, especially with wet items in it. Even giving wet Fido a ride can leave moisture in the seating, which can quickly turn into a huge problem when partnered with the sun. When the car heats up, even a truck acts as an oven, and any wet water toy, damp workout towel or clothing item trapped in a car or truck with no air can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew and horrible odors! Relax, we have the answer! Small portable, battery operated and yes, eco-friendly dehumidifiers are all we do! So whether you go the beach, pool party, summer camp, camping, or even a sprinkler party (you never know) We have a car dehumidifier that will suck the moisture and odor right out of your car, so you can focus on having fun!‘or by calling 877-382-3790

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