EDV-4000 Drain Hose Hookup

  1. Purchase a 12mm (15/32”) diameter drain hose from your local hardware store. Four to six feet of hose is recommended, as the unit must be higher than the bottom of the drain hose so that the water drains properly.
  2. Remove the bucket from the EDV-4000 dehumidifier, remove the top milky color lid, clean and place in a safe location (this part is not needed when using a drain hose).
  3. Knock out the small plastic piece in the back of the unit where the drain hose goes through. CAUTION: Dispose of small plastic piece so children do not swallow.
  4. Place the bucket back inside the EDV-4000, then attach the drain hose through the hole you knocked out. You are now ready to operate the unit.
  5. If you need to remove the bucket, first remove the drain hose.