Gun Safe Dehumidifier; Keep Your Gun Safe, Safe

Protecting your ammunition supply from damaging moisture and humidity is fairly easy, even if you live in coastal or other very humid areas. Storing ammunition improperly is dangerous and wasteful. Dangerous, because corroded bullets can randomly fire. Wasteful, because once they start to rust and corrode, they must be disposed of. Ammunition is frequently sold in paper or cardboard boxes, which means both the container and its content are vulnerable to a very serious enemy: Moisture. Don’t buy ammo in bulk and then ruin it with improper storage methods.

Four Steps For Proper Ammunition Storage:

  • Use a better container.
  • For long term storage use a plastic or metal container that will seal out moist air. (Even if you are storing your ammunition supply in a home, the container itself will likely need additional moisture control).
  • Lower the humidity within the container. A gun safe dehumidifier filled with silica gel, a well-known and trusted desiccant, will actually absorb the moisture right out of the air. These are available in little packets but you need to think about the size of your container. Most plastic bins will be too large for a small packet to handle. Choosing the right dehumidifier might also save you more money, if you choose one that is renewable.
  • Rotate your ammunition.

Long term storage shouldn’t mean it goes ignored until you’re ready to use it. Periodically check your bins and rotate the ammunition in a way you can remember (top to bottom for instance). If you are using a renewable dehumidifier, take that time to plug it in and release the moisture back into the air, so that you can reuse it again.