A Household Dehumidifier is a Solution for Your Spaces

It’s cleaning day and you’ve thought of everything; the floors, the bathrooms, the dusting, sorting the laundry and even washing the dog. However, have you ever thought about cleaning the air your family breaths? With a household dehumidifier, you can do just that.

Improve Your Air Quality

Many families combat the everyday household chores but often forget one of the most important elements in your home—the air quality. Eva-Dry compact dehumidifiers help eliminate moisture in the air that leads to the growth of harmful mold and airborne allergens.
This simple, very easy to use system pulls the moisture from the room to prevent any harmful mold from forming, thus no lingering mold particles in the air for your family to breath. Less coughing. Less worrying about allergies and less stress for you. Eva-Dry dehumidifiers absorb moisture using very thirsty silica gel beads. Once the unit is full, simply plug it in to “renew”. The unit releases the water vapor, taking 12-18 hours, and should be done once every 2-6 weeks (depending on model). It is child and pet safe, non-toxic & requires no refills.

Protect Your Growing Family

As a new mother you spend countless hours preparing; picking the perfect name, finding the bedding, “nesting” and cleaning for your little one to arrive. Doesn’t it make sense to add this simple, hassle-free, inexpensive tool to your list of preparations? Bring your little one home to a safer, cleaner air environment! But why stop there? Continue your defense in the playroom, basement even the closet where all those newborn clothes are kept.
Your family’s health is top priority. Why trust it to just anyone? Let Eva-Dry help you reduce moisture that may lead to mold and mildew, all while helping you stay within your budget and giving you time to worry about other dirty things, like bibs!

A Solution for Every Area

Room and Household Dehumidifiers: Super Value Pack

The thermometer is rising, the a/c is singing and it still feels so sticky throughout the entire house. Do you dread the stickiness, year after year during the summer months? Then Eva-Dry has an efficient, very economical solution for you. We would like to introduce our Eva-Dry Super Value – Home Pack.
Summer in most areas of the country means an increase in humidity, which leads to a potential increase in mildew. Let us help you combat both of these problems and give you a cooler summer time with the use of our renewable dehumidifier systems. The Eva-Dry Super Value Pack contains five compact dehumidifier systems to use throughout your home. These units are quiet, renewable sources that remove moisture in the air by trapping them in thirsty silica gel beads. When full, simply plug in to release the moisture and renew.

The first units you will receive in the Super Value Pack are two E-333s. These units are perfect for small closets, under sinks, safes, and small, enclosed spaces. It will last 20-30 days before requiring a renew.

You will receive one E-500 unit recommended for larger closets, small rooms; anywhere with a moisture problem. It will last 30-60 days before it requires to be renewed.
The third unit is the EDV-1100. This is an electric (plug in) dehumidifier with “Whisper” Peltier technology, great for small rooms such as laundry rooms, home office or nursery. It has 1100 cubic foot capacity and may pull up to 8 ounces of excess moisture a day.

Lastly, our largest high-capacity unit, the EDV-2200, will complete your set, and ensure a very comfortable climate and moisture free summer. It has a 2200 cubic foot capacity and may pull up to 20.5 ounces of moisture a day! This unit is also a plug in dehumidifier with the “Whisper” Peltier technology perfect for larger spaces.

Eva-Dry Super Value Pack containing five dehumidifier units will save you around $100 over buying the units separately. And, our offer includes, free shipping in the USA excluding Alaska & Hawaii! What a bargain! The Super Value Pack is a great value that provides moisture protection throughout your home, boat or RV. This summer combat moisture efficiently and economically with our renewable, quiet dehumidifier systems. You will be happy you did.

Basement Dehumidifier

Typically a basement is used for a handful of things; rec room, storage and a safe haven. As a storage area your valuables and memories are susceptible to moisture seeping in as well as mold and mildew growth. This only increases with the increase in humidity during the summer months. Eva-Dry dehumidifiers provide an economical and safe way to protect your most important memories. With our line of basement dehumidifiers, you can find one that is suitable for the area in need of protecting.

The Mini Dehumidifier E-333 is a compact, quiet, cord free unit that can be placed in storage tubs and small closets. It is spill proof and child and pet safe. It traps the excess moisture from the area into small silica gel beads. Once the unit is full, approximately 20-30 days, simply plug it into an outlet to renew and use again.

The Eva-Dry E-500 Renewable Dehumidifier is perfect for small basement laundry rooms or storage closets to fight the moisture battle. It is used for 500 cubic feet and functions the same way as the E-333.

In addition to storage, your family may have summer-vacation company or events in the basement. What better way to make everyone more comfortable during these scorching months than by removing excess humidity with the Eva-Dry EDV-1100 or the EDV-2200 conventional dehumidifiers. The units are used for 1100 cubic foot space and 2200 foot cubic space similar to basement sized rec rooms or family rooms.

In conjunction with making a space more comfortable and mold free, you are also making a normally damp area healthier for your family. The Eva-Dry units remove moisture to ultimately prevent mold and mildew from forming thus leaving a much cleaner, healthier breathing environment for your family.

Eva-Dry understands that the unforeseeable may happen and we would like to help get families back to “normal” as quickly as possible after disastrous events. We can provide some peace of mind for your families and valuables when you use our dehumidifiers. We have your safety and well-being in mind.

Safe Dehumidifier

Ah, your college days, the air was crisp and the fans were loud. You won the title and have the jersey and newspapers to prove it. You are proud of those accomplishments and cherish the memories made in the good-old-days. The value in preserving these timeless pieces is priceless. Eva-Dry dehumidifiers has the ultimate solution for making those memories last forever.

The key to preservation is keeping articles free from moisture and mildew to uphold the integrity of the pieces. Eva-Dry dehumidifiers are just the tools to get the job done. The E-333 compact dehumidifier silently and reliable protects clothes, paper items, and valuables from moisture in areas up to 333 cubic feet. This unit is perfect for safes and small memorabilia cabinets to pull mildew causing moisture from the area. Keep your prized baseball cards from curling and timeless photos from becoming brittle.

The Eva-Dry E-500 protects areas up to 500 cubic feet. It uses the same the same technology as the E-333 by using small silica gel beads to absorb moisture from the air that causes mildew and destroys valuables. This unit is suitable for small closets or memorabilia hutches. It is completely renewable by plugging the unit into and outlet. It releases the moisture it has absorbed. It is compact and silent and a wonderful way to protect prized autographs from fading and jerseys from yellowing and mildewing.

Maybe you are the ultimate sports memorabilia collector and warrant a little extra piece of mind in your walk-in display room. Eva-Dry EDV-1100 is for you! It is our conventional dehumidifier in mini capacity. It is capable of pulling 8 ounces of moisture a day from the air with a 16 ounce reservoir capacity! Protect all your most precious memories and prized collectibles from damaging moisture and mildew that could destroy your collection!

Maybe you have a safe dedicated to protecting your ammunition supply. Now you can protect it from damaging humidity and moisture. Storing ammunition improperly can be hazardous. With an Eva-Dry gun safe dehumidifier, you can keep your gun safe, safe.

The entire Eva-Dry line is renewable, silent, eco-friendly and simple to maintain. What a small investment for your lifetime of memories!

Eva-Dry. Damp In. Dry Out!