Now that you have your dehumidifier for your space, it can be challenging trying to figure out how to maintain it. It is smart to keep up regular maintenance to ensure that the machine is running as smoothly and as efficiently as it can. While there is very little regular maintenance required for dehumidifiers, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on them so they continue to run at peak condition. So what can you do to make sure your dehumidifier is running at top performance” Here are a few suggestions: You will want to make sure to save the owner’s manual for specific tips on your particular unit. Each unit is unique, so you will want to keep it around just in case you have specific questions that may be addressed. Plus, customer service information can normally be found there so it is always a good idea to have it on hand. Keep an eye on the Eva-Dry sensor on the front of the dehumidifier. This will ensure that you renew at the proper time to keep your area clean and dry. Also watch the automatic water level detector switch, if applicable. This indicates that that tank is full and should be emptied. By watching these indicators, you will have an easier time keeping your room’s moisture level down consistently. Use a hygrometer to double check humidity levels, especially if you are reducing humidity to preserve sensitive documents or the like. By checking temperature and humidity levels, you can stay ahead of any problems. Dehumidifiers occasionally get clogged, and some of course need to be renewed for peak performance. Clean the water container, if needed. After turning the unit off,remove the container and wash it with warm water and a small amount of dish detergent. Rinse and dry the container thoroughly before returning the container to the dehumidifier. Doing this will reduce the amount of mold that can build up in the water filled container. This goes along with checking the sensors and water level detector. Cleaning should be done at least monthly.

By following these simple steps, your dehumidifier should continue to run for many years. If you have any questions or concerns about your dehumidifier, feel free to let us know! You can reach us at (877) 382-3790 or submit a contact us form at

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