EDV-1100 Power Supply

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Power Supply for the eva-dry 1100 model. Free shipping in the USA excluding Alaska & Hawaii.

PRODUCT SAFETY NOTICE: Why Your Eva-Dry Power Supply Adapter “may” become Hot

All AC adapters generate auxiliary heat and can sometimes on occasion become very warm. All Eva-Dry power supplies (see photo inset) are CE and UL listed to meet all government rules and regulations. Eva-Dry Peltier Dehumidifiers (including both the Eva-Dry 1100 and Eva-Dry 2200 electric models) use external alternating current (AC) adapters that convert high-voltage alternating current electricity into lower-voltage, more stable direct current. Adapters of this type have the potential to become extremely warm to the touch.

Please Use Caution When Directly Handling Your Eva-Dry AC Adapter and Make Certain It Is NOT Covered by a Blanket, Rug, etc…

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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