EDV-365-1C-CS Air Dry Add-on Cylinder (5-Pack)

Additional Dehumidifying For The Eva-Dry Air Dry System


Expand your dehumidification capacity with an additional dehumidifying cylinder for the Eva-Dry Air Dry System. Each cylinder can dehumidify up to 400 cu. ft. These small cylinders are ideal for home, RV, campers, boats, gun safes; anywhere you need to eliminate excess moisture. When full, simply dry them out on the Air Dry base and they’re ready to go again.

Each Eva-Dry Air Dry System cylinder comes with a five (5) year warranty

EDV-365-1C-CS Air Dry Add-on Cylinder

Air Dry Base Unit Not Included
This product requires an Eva-Dry Air Dry base to dry out the cylinders.

Eva-Dry Air Dry Dehumidification System

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Save over 15%. Includes base unit and two cylinder dehumidifiers.

Weight25 oz
Dimensions3.25 × 3 × 6.25 in

Power Source

Suited for spaces up to


Usage in Motion




  1. David (verified owner)

    Sweet Deal! I LOVE these. The hot air is SO MUCH better than ANY plug in I’ve ever used. I have been using the pugins, from Eva-Dry and pretty much every other’s. The plugin would get hot and the color change would be inconsistant. And to make matters worse could take all day or night. This hot air system is done in couple or three hours max (in my climate at least). Changing them everywhere is done in a weekend day, instead of several days (I have about a dozen spread throughout the house).

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