When one thinks about getting the Christmas decorations out, they probably envision cozy afternoons with festive cookies and food. The smells that come to mind are usually cinnamon, evergreen, and peppermint. If your artificial tree, ornaments, and wreaths were stored in boxes or bins in the attic or garage, it’s likely you’ll be introducing a whole new range of odors to your decor: musty mildew, mold, and rot.

Keepsake ornaments and decorations require protection from moist air.
Little Jimmy’s school crafts from 1972 may be a sweet reminder of when that now-linebacker had a handprint that was smaller than Daddy’s palm. If you’d like to protect the chance to relive his precious kindergarten days each year when you decorate the tree, it’s imperative you do more than pack that aging paper/glue/popsicle stick ornament in bubble wrap. The same goes for your Grandma’s doily collection that she hand crocheted for her end tables in 1939.” And don’t forget the great deal on the wreath you bought just a year ago at an after-Christmas sale for a great price. Your valuables don’t have to be old in order to require protection.

Why your current storage methods will allow mold and mildew to devour your holiday keepsakes:

  • Mold and mildew requires moist, humid air to grow.
  • Most holiday decorations are bagged, boxed, or binned and stored in humid environments such as basements, attics, garages, and storage units.
  • Containers don’t allow air to circulate, which means moisture will “sit” between layers, breaking down glues, rotting fabric and paper.
  • Mold spores don’t discriminate! A cluster on one item can spread through an entire storage container. The whole box could be ruined when you unpack it next year.
  • Most ornaments and decorations weren’t designed to washed or cleaned.

Dehumidify your storage containers. 
There is a safe, easy, affordable way to protect your holiday keepsakes and valuables. If you live in a high-humidity area (over 55%) or use storage locations that are not climate-controlled, you need to take an extra measure to dehumidify the air within your storage containers. A spill-proof, renewable, non-toxic, non-corrosive dehumidifier can be stored right along with your decorations, box by box.

Using clear, plastic bins for storage makes next year’s decorating much easier. You can see the contents and everything inside will be protected from rodents and water damage. Eva-Dry Mini Dehumidifiers are about the size of a small smoke detector.” They contain safe, non-toxic silica gel; the same substance packaged into a little paper pouch in every retail shoe box. Silica absorbs moisture right out of the air and won’t release it again until heated. The Eva-Dry units plug in to heat and release the moisture into a well-ventilated area, renewing them for reuse up to 10 years!

If you think it’s too late and you are looking for ways to repair special decorations that have already been damaged, there may still be an option before you dump it all in a landfill. Eva-Dry Dehumidifiers can remove musty odors and smells from fabrics and papers, and moisture from the insides of electronics and watches. Place the item and an Eva-Dry unit in a tightly sealed box for a month. Be sure to open the electronic device as much as possible first, removing the battery or the watch stem. Within a month you should see or smell an improvement.

These dehumidifiers are small and affordable; versatile enough to be placed virtually anywhere in any contained space in your home. If you have similar needs with your scrapbooks, baby clothes, pantry items, guns or ammunition, put an Eva-Dry unit in every closet or storage chest. They are a valuable part of any moisture removing strategy for humid environments, protecting your belongings and investments. It’s a green product that also won’t negatively contribute to the environment via waste or additional energy use. Obtaining one or many for your home is affordable and easy.

Eva-dry is available on Amazon, at your local Ace Hardware, and Online or you can call 877-382-3790.

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