Solve moisture problems without harming the environment. Lisa is expecting a baby in a few months and she spends a lot of time planning the nursery. She wants an eco-friendly space for her baby with lots of natural elements and recycled items. She’s recently had a few challenges to address and is looking for an environmentally safe way to do so.

  • Lisa lives on the Atlantic coast, in Savannah, Georgia. The air is humid most of the time, even inside. She wants to make sure she protects her baby’s photos and christening gown. Her own baby photos are sticking together and trying to pull them apart destroys them.
  • She was recently given a large box of baby hand-me-downs from a friend who had them stored in an attic box for a couple of years. The items aren’t stained and are still reusable if she can remove the odors. Not everything was designed to throw in the washer.
  • That got her thinking of her own baby’s future hand-me-downs. How can she store her items to save for the next baby, in a way that will prevent musty odors from forming in the first place?
  • Lisa and Steve love their apartment in the historic district. But as new parents, they’re reading about air quality in old buildings. Moisture damage could make their baby sick. New buildings come with their own concerns, so they’d rather find a solution that doesn’t require moving.

If you’re trying to baby-proof your home, using little buckets of harmful chemicals for moisture control is not the way to do it! 
Many people are facing a similar list of worries. They want to reduce their environmental impact and still protect their loved ones and material valuables. Many of the products for dehumidifying found on grocery store shelves won’t accomplish this goal. Calcium-Chloride products are sold in containers intended to be placed inside of drawers, closets, and cabinets to absorb the moisture in the air. The system has some very worrisome flaws:

  • If it spills, it corrodes and damages what it touches
  • It is not replenishable, contributing to land-fills and requiring added expense in the form of refills
  • If spilled or inhaled, the dust is a serious throat and lung irritant and requires gloves if the skin will come into contact with it

Calcium-Chloride is a “solution” that actually creates more problems!
It is possible to eliminate excess moisture without causing further harm. Moisture causes damage that is destructive to valuables and hazardous to health. But chemicals can corrode, cause injury, and accumulate in landfills. A true solution will address the problem without creating a new one.

A better, ecologically friendly, non-toxic solution is the Eva-Dry Dehumidifier. A safe desiccant absorbs the moisture right out of the air. The units are small (about the size of an average smoke detector) and can be placed in any contained space to harmlessly remove the moisture that can cause damage. The desiccant is fully contained and won’t spill. It doesn’t require any special handling, such as the protective gloves needed with an open bucket of calcium chloride. And perhaps the best part for those looking to reduce landfill use is that Eva-Dry Dehumidifiers are renewable for up to 10 years. All that is necessary to do this is to plug the unit into an outlet that is in a well-ventilated space such as a porch or garage. The gel is warmed and the moisture releases into the air, renewing the product for another use.

You can’t make the rain, rain, go away, but you can keep excess moisture at bay.
Pantries, closets, linen, and camera storage areas, gun cabinets, and safes are all examples of areas that are perfect for the Eva-Dry product. “In the nursery, there is a myriad of uses: In cabinets to keep baby powders and herbal bath products from caking, in the closet to protect clothing both worn and stored, in keepsake containers for photos and sentimental items. It’s an unscented product that won’t aggravate allergies or affect those susceptible to headaches from artificial perfumes. It has also been used to reduce musty odors by simply placing the item and an Eva-Dry unit in a sealed container for a month.

An added benefit for many is that Eva-Dry Renewable Dehumidifiers are also silent. There is no “hum” to interfere with sleep.

Health and wellness tests have proven that Eva-Dry Dehumidifiers reduce moisture and improve the overall air quality in a space. It’s a green product that won’t negatively contribute to the environment via waste or additional energy use. There are no hazards to children and pets like there are with chemical options. Obtaining one or many for your home is affordable and easy.

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