The EDV-4000 dehumidifies areas up to 4000 cubic feet, is environmentally-friendly and has a built-in ionizer. TAMPA -July 18, 2014–The Eva-Dry EDV-4000 uses innovative rotary desiccant technology to provide high-volume dehumidification without a compressor. This means it will never have any of the recall problems some competitors with compressors have experienced with refrigerant leaking. The unit is safer than compressor-based systems and designed for low-maintenance operation. It has a high-capacity water catch basin that requires only periodic emptying. It also includes a built-in ionizer that improves air quality. ‘I recently purchased this dehumidifier to use in our 27′ travel trailer,” says Areon Potter, Eva-Dry customer. “We spent six days camping in a campground near Grants Pass, Oregon. I ran the unit for several hours each night and collected over 4 quarts of water during our time there. The EDV-4000 is very nice looking, doesn’t have a large footprint, and is quiet. The unit is solidly made and it is easy to dump the accumulated water. I would definitely recommend this unit for use in an RV.’ The Eva-Dry 4000 dehumidifier is designed for spaces of up to 4000 cubic feet, including:

  • Living and Family Rooms – Large area open spaces keep the air dry and clean for your family.
  • Basements: Keeps basements dry and humidity-free, alleviating condensation build-up and dripping.
  • Offices: Protects hardwood floors from moisture damage.
  • Cabins: Keeps the air dry. Ideal for cabins and vacation homes on or near the water.


  • Uses desiccant rotor technology to remove moisture from the air
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Improves air quality

For more information on the EDV-4000 Click Here.

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