The whole fun of home brewing is sharing a pint with friends. “Anyone can go to the store and buy a fancy or not-so-fancy beer, but only those with a Heart of Oak will take the challenge to brew their own! Downside, of course, to this DIY beverage hobby, is that it sometimes requires quite a bit of trial and error to get it right. Pause for a moment and consider the kegerator: aka the keezer. (Depending, of course, on whether it is made from a refrigerator or a freezer.) One approach to creating your own is to convert a chest freezer into a kegerator by building a wooden collar around the top and re-mounting the freezer lid onto this collar. Faucet holes can be drilled into the front, and a hole in the back for the temperature probe can be fashioned. But alas! The difference in the air temperature outside the newly-fashioned kegerator, and the temperature inside can create that worst of all issues ” too much humidity. In fact, due to all the condensation, water can literally drip out of the kegerator, creating a troublesome situation.

Making sure the seals are tight is step one, but if that doesn’t solve the problem, consider an Eva-Dry portable dehumidifier unit. Wireless, and small enough to fit easily next to your kegs, these units draw the moisture out of the air and trap it in a special desiccant material. The desiccant turns pink when it is full of moisture. To remove the built-up moisture, simply plug the unit into a wall socket, and overnight the desiccant material dries out and turns back to blue, showing it is ready for re-use. These units have been shown to last for up to ten years, so your initial investment is a sound one.

Both the Eva-Dry E333 and the Eva-Dry 500 are mini-dehumidifiers that require no batteries or wires, are environmentally safe, don’t involve any messy filling or spilling, are easy to regenerate and are ultra portable and fit into small spaces.

More drinking, less sopping up water.
So let’s raise a glass to that!

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