While we want to believe spring is coming early, there are still plenty of chilly winter days and nights ahead. For farmers, especially with the rise of urban farming, this can mean a lot of cooped up animals trying to stay out of the cold. This is especially true for chickens. Chickens will often spend their winter months within their coops, trying to avoid the cold at any cost. However, this can lead to a rise in humidity levels with the chickens in tight quarters, breathing and relieving themselves without much fresh air entering. Too much humidity can lead to problems, including chicken mites. Chicken mites thrive in higher humidity, such as the chicken coop. These mites are difficult to eradicate once they take hold, and can often cause the chicken to lose feathers and produce fewer eggs. Eva-Dry does have a solution! When the humidity levels in the air go up, Eva-Dry Portable Dehumidifiers can help make sure the chicken coop stays at a lower humidity. People everywhere are discovering just how handy these wireless dehumidifiers can be in making sure their chickens are not being overwhelmed by the humidity in the air. Once placed in the coop, humidity levels decreased within just a few short hours, even when the levels outside the coops did not. By keeping the humidity levels in a lower range, the chickens can spend the winter inside their home without incident.

A great addition to your coop is the Eva-Dry E-500. This wireless, portable dehumidifier will keep the chickens (and their owners) happy all season long. You can find this, and other dehumidifiers, at www.eva-dry.com/dehumidifiers. Eva-Dry is the country’s leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly, efficient, and affordable dehumidification systems.

Other spaces can benefit from these dehumidifiers as well. For more uses and tips on how to keep your space clean and mold free, check out www.eva-dry.com or call and talk to our staff today! 877-382-3790.

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