Cabins, summer cottages and vacant homes for sale all have one thing in common: stale air. With no human activity of opening doors and windows, a closed- up residence can quickly acquire an unpleasant smell. Here at Eva-Dry we have a simple and cost-effective way to help clear the air of mold, mildew, and dust mites that can trigger allergies, aggravate asthma and make potential buyers turn up their nose. After just a few weeks of use of our dehumidifier products, your home or cabin will have a fresh clean smell once again. When a space is closed up for an extended amount of time, there are some odors that build up that typical sprays and air purifiers just cannot quite get rid of. These smells are often caused by humidity. Excess humidity can cause odors to linger a little longer than usual because the extra water molecules stick to surfaces that don’t get cleaned very often. Portable room dehumidifiers can take the excess moisture out of the air, which will also help get rid of the bacteria and mold that rely on the moisture to survive.

By placing a dehumidifier in the area you want to freshen up, you can remove the old, musty air and replace it with fresh air. Make sure to keep the dehumidifier away from any walls or furniture. Close up the building and/or room and make sure there is a tight seal. Be sure to open all closets and doors, including all drawers.

While many people rely on air purifiers to get rid of smells, a dehumidifier is a wonderful tool to get your house or cabin smelling fresh and clean again. In addition to the odor being eliminated, the dehumidifier will continue to clean the air and keep the moisture at an acceptable level to prevent the odor from returning. Then, once you return to your cabin, or the new buyers move in’no more stale air.

For any questions pertaining Eva-Dry’s products, please contact us at 877-382-3790. See our many products on our website, or shop for Eva-Dry products at your nearest Target store. Eva-Dry is a leader in eco-friendly, user friendly dehumidification technology. We have a product for every application.’Many, like the E-500 Portable Mini Dehumidifier, do not even require electricity! Contact us today!

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