Many people know how a regular dehumidifier works, but few understand how the portable ones do. Eva-Dry specializes in desiccant dehumidifiers, which allows them to be lightweight and easily portable. This is important to note, since Eva-Dry focuses on dehumidifiers for office spaces, crawl spaces, gun safes, and the like, which call for a smaller and more durable machine.


But what is “desiccant” exactly? Desiccant material is mainly described as a material that naturally attracts moisture. This can come from gases or liquids. This moisture then stays in the material until it is released again through heat.

Eva-Dry dehumidifiers work with a technologically advanced Silica gel that absorbs moisture. This Silica gel can then release the moisture using heat and can be used again and again. No messy spills and no harmful toxins around your family and pets.

The drying process works like this: The desiccant wheel rotates and draws in air. The water molecules are removed from the air and retained by the gel inside the wheel. The air is now dry and is cycled into the room. To remove the moisture from the wheel, it is then heated and the water is blown outside. Easy!

Eva-Dry takes pride in using desiccant dehumidifiers because they run quieter than conventional dehumidifiers, allow for less contamination, and are easily portable. Most of them don’t even need batteries or electricity! You can normally get 4-6 weeks of usage before they would need to be renewed, and most Eva-Dry dehumidifiers last for over ten years. Because desiccant dehumidifiers don’t need to cool the air before drying it out, these types of dehumidifiers are great in colder areas. We strive to make the purchasing process easy and affordable.

If you’re interested you can see all of Eva-Dry’s Dehumidifiers to learn more.

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