The first frost has come and gone. What have you done with your herb garden” While some people are able to keep their garden coming back after the bitter cold of winter, others do not have the space to keep a garden with their herbs or other plants. In these cases, the plants and herbs are brought inside. One option in this case is something we have discussed before: hydroponic growing, or growing in a water-based environment rather than a soil-based environment. This type of gardening is wonderful, even for the most un-talented gardener out there. More and more places are turning to hydroponic gardening due to the healthy, fast-growing, and productive plants that are produced this way. These gardens can be a simple set up in front of a window all the way to a complete room devoted to the craft. If this is the route taken, there are several steps that need to be done to ensure a productive crop. Specialized lighting, timing, and watering mechanisms will be needed to produce in larger amounts. Constant air flow brought about by fans will help make it comfortable for people to come into these rooms. Another helpful device: a gardening dehumidifier. If the humidity levels get too high, the plants can develop a type of mildew called Botrytis, which is a fungal disease. Depending on the size of the room where you are planning on gardening, there are several Eva-Dry dehumidifiers that may work for you. The E-500 will work in a 500 cu. foot area without requiring a power source if you have a smaller garden. If you are working in a larger sized room, the EDV-2200, or even the EDV-4000, has you covered. You can find whatever you may need at

So as the weather continues to get colder, remember that it is a simple solution to have fresh plants and herbs all year long.

Do you have any suggestions about what to do with your plants as the cold weather sets in” We would love to hear them! Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime!

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