Eva-Dry renewable dehumidifiers utilize the powerful moisture adsorbing power of silica gel to tackle excess humidity and dampness, while also having the ability to be recharged once the silica beads are saturated. Once recharged, the dehumidifier will be ready to start adsorbing moisture again. This dehumidification and renewal cycle can be repeated for up to 10 years!

Eva-Dry renewable dehumidifiers contain silica gel. Silica gel, also known as silicon dioxide, is a component naturally found in sand. It is chemically inert and non-toxic if ingested by people or pets. Though silica gel is safe, it is not meant for consumption and can irritate the digestive tract. The small beads can also pose a choking hazard so we do not recommend eating them.

Unlike highly corrosive calcium chloride desiccant solutions, the silica gel in Eva-Dry’s rechargeable dehumidifiers is a safer, natural method to reduce excess moisture that can lead to rust, mold, and other damages. As calcium chloride pulls moisture out of the air, it dissolves itself into a liquid form. Care must be taken to properly dispose of this liquid, as it is extremely corrosive to metals and can ruin other materials as well. It can also seriously irritate the skin and nasal passages, as well as the throat and stomach if ingested in large quantities. Silica Gel always remains solid no matter how much moisture it absorbs. This makes Eva-Dry the best mess-free way to protect your car, RV, boat, safe, firearms, ammo, tools, etc. from excess moisture damage.

  • Renewable Mini Dehumidifier E-333

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  • E-500 High Capacity Renewable Small Dehumidifier

  • Eva-Dry E-500 Renewable Dehumidifier 2-Pack

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  • EDV-365AD-CS Eva-Dry Air Dry System Bundle

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  • E-333 Renewable Mini-Dehumidifier (2-PACK)