EDV-1100 Petite Dehumidifier

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The EDV1100 is a mini-capacity, electric petite compact dehumidifier. This portable dehumidifier should be used as a 1 room dehumidifier for maximum results. The unit works in areas of the home that are up to 1,100 cubic feet. It’s effectiveness is measured in gathering approximately 8 oz. of water per day at 86° F and 80% R.H. Additional specifications of the EDV1100 includes: a power adapter of 9V DC 2.5AMP, power consumption of 22.5W, 16 oz. capacity removable water tank and an automatic water level detector switch to indicate tank is full. The unit measures 6″L x 4 ½”W x 8 ½”H and carries a UPC # of 832856000206.

Instruction Manual (1.6MB / PDF)

110V AC Standard Power Cord Included
The Eva-Dry 1100 is equipped with a standard
110V power supply.

Petite Dehumidifier Uses For 1 Room:

  • Bathrooms/Laundry Rooms: Eva-Dry absorbs excess moisture form vapor related activities, and helps dry fabrics faster.
  • Bedrooms: While absorbing excess moisture you are also reducing dust activity, and consequently the risk of allergies.
  • Vacation Homes: Absorbs musty odors from stagnant air, and prevents damage caused by excess moisture.
  • Basements: Protects stored clothing and tools from damage caused by excess moisture.
  • Storage Spaces: Protects your stored clothing, electronics, and furniture from damage caused by excess moisture.
  • Stored Boats/RVs/Classic Cars: Protects storage from damage caused by excess moisture and musty odors from stagnant air.
Weight56 oz
Dimensions6.5 × 5.3 × 8.5 in

Power Source

Suited for spaces up to



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24 reviews for EDV-1100 Petite Dehumidifier

  1. Alona (verified owner)

    In Minneapolis. Home built in 1905 so No central air conditioning. This dehumidifier is excellent for the extra humidity after showers. Prior to purchasing this, my window ac unit would not be able to remove the excess humidity created in the bathroom from showering and so my small efficiency apartment was less than comfortable and on very hot days would smell musty. I put this in my tiny bathroom and run it constantly in the summer. It has lasted about two years so far. I’ve considered purchasing one for each of my house mates if ever they go on sale. Excellent product.

  2. Gayle McCurry

    I have one upstairs and one down – have used them for years. I replaced one but the other one is still going and does the job.

  3. Cheyin Goglas (verified owner)

    Fantastic dehumidifying unit! The one I bought 8 years ago just died today and I’m getting another one. It works great for small areas. I use it to help dry out my ice hockey equipment and a small closet in the garage. Worth every penny!

  4. Cheyin (verified owner)

    I bought this unit approximately 8 years ago for a small closet inside my garage to dry out my ice hockey equipment. It has been running nonstop 24 hours a day that entire time. It died today. It is worth every single penny! It does a great job in small areas of dehumidifying. Super quiet and compact, if I had issues in other parts of the house with humidity, I would definitely buy another one of these. By the way, I just purchased another one to replace the one that died. Absolutely worth the price. Well-built and hard-working. Cannot ask for more than that!

  5. Scott Brodie (verified owner)

    Awesome little dehumidifier in a room 560 sq ft it pulled almost a gallon at room temperature 62-66 degrees Fahrenheit. It keeps room dry. I own two and hope to get some for gifts for people I know they would enjoy them to. So yes great product if there is an issue it’s a great company and will take care of you.

  6. Barbara

    Just purchased this at BB&B. I must say I am happy with this unit. It’s small and does the job in my basement room. It’s runs quietly and the plug does get hot so I use it solely in one outlet.
    Will buy the medium size as well.

  7. Andrea Carter (verified owner)

    I live on the Monterey Peninsula where we have constant fog all summer. This is the best investment I have made in my home: putting one in each closet. It absorbs the moisture from the air and I empty about a cup a week of water in each! Well made and the customer support is fabulous.

  8. Steffani

    The Eva-Dry Petite is awesome! I have had mine for about three years now – it’s been dehumidifying my office every day and still works perfectly (and it’s cute!). I just purchased another one for the guest room, looking forward to it — I might just check out the closet “renewable” option next! 🙂

  9. Amazon Customer

    This works GREAT. If our weather in Ca. ever starts raining & gets cold….will order a couple more!!!

  10. Sopchoppy

    We had moisture issues in our bedroom and closet and decided to give this a try. We didn’t need or want a large dehumidifier. This works very well and is quiet.

  11. Bren

    Powerful for a little machine.

  12. Ang runs

    Quiet. Collects about a 1/2 inch of water after my hot shower. I do have a window I crack open, but the bathroom gets very steamy quickly. This has helped keep the walls dry.

  13. Brad J Jones

    Since I got 2 of these, the humidity in my home bathroom, and my trailer has gone down quite a bit! They are always running and only draw about 20 watts of electricity. I have a small bathroom, and a small trailer, so I have to empty them once every week or two. Tip: if you use one somewhere that you don’t go very often, pair it with an energy monitoring smart plug and you can check your phone to see if it’s full! Full would mean no power draw.

  14. Scott Gatlin

    I bought this unit in June 2013. After over 4 1/2 years of use, it has stopped condensing water into the tray. The fan still works. I’m going to give it a good cleaning and try it again. I’ll be ordering the same unit again if I can’t get this one up and working. I love the job it does.

  15. Teresa or Benjy

    Be sure to register it for warranty – I didn’t, however the company was very gracious and sent a replacement just a few days after the power supply on my unit quit. Been using it in a safe for 6 months, likely a high-stress environment in south Texas, but it worked like a champ. The company suggested cleaning with compressed air to prevent strain on the dehumidifier.

  16. Jim Giulietti

    Great little machine. Works perfect and is doing the job. Would buy again…

  17. Sarah Truong

    This works perfectly for our small bathroom. Our bathroom has poor ventilation and our towels were not drying at all. This dehumidifier is small and quiet. I’ve had to empty it twice so far (I’ve only had it for a week). It has been filling up approximately every 3 days.

  18. Bfd Lass

    A tremendous help in reducing humidity in my 6’×8′ north-facing bathroom. This a small unit, no bigger than a 5lb bag of flour, but it does what I need it to do. It runs fairly quietly, and in my situation, the 16 fl oz collection tank needs emptying every third day.

  19. Amazon Customer

    This is a great little closet dehumidifier!

  20. Kelvin

    2 thumbs up

  21. TAM

    works great

  22. Traci Davis

    This is awesome. Older house with no bathroom venting. Bought this and turn it on during shower, etc. There is never any steam in the bathroom after. Really does a nice job and is a respectable alternative when a fan isn’t possible.

  23. Brenda Martinez

    I have 2 of this, I have it in the closets and work really good.

  24. Juan Nieves

    Awesome little dehumidifier. I am still amazed with how much water this thing collects. I have it in a 27ft travel trailer. Since I began using it I have no more condensation on the windows or walls. Highly recommend this Eva dry 1100.

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