Different belongings require different levels of humidity. You may want certain areas of your home to have specific or reduced levels of moisture than others, especially around your electronics. Moisture is an enemy of sensitive electronic equipment, so a dehumidifier is an ideal solution for your home media center or living room. How to Safeguard Your Equipment Add a dehumidifier to rooms that contain the majority of your electronics. A mini-dehumidifier is ideal for placing near your home computer, stereo system, or television. Any sensitive electronics you have will benefit from reduced levels of moisture.

  • Moisture can slowly build up over time inside electronic equipment, especially as it warms up. Give your electronics a good weekly dusting to remove build-up and check your dehumidifier to make sure it’s performing at peak efficiency.
  • A silica gel mini-dehumidifier should be more than adequate to care for your equipment. The types that come with indicators can be recharged and reused again and again.
  • Identify sources of moisture in your home, and control what you can. If you’ve got windows with poor seals or doors that don’t keep out the weather, your dehumidifiers will work extra hard.
  • Ensure that any dehumidifier you use doesn’t contain calcium chloride, which is a corrosive chemical. Instead, choose silica gel-based dehumidifiers.
  • Proper ventilation is vital for controlling moisture. Let your home dehumidifier control what you aren’t able to remove on your own, and soon you and your electronics will enjoy a dry and comfortable environment.

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