Whether you are an adventurous first time camper or an avid outdoorsman, camping can be a great summer activity.” It allows you to disconnect, get away from the rush of day to day life and enjoy the great outdoors.” That is, until it starts to rain’.or gets muggy’or until one of the kids spills his/her drink in the tent. There is nothing worse while camping than crawling into a damp sleeping bag or putting on a soggy sweatshirt.” You might think, hmmm if only I could just take that warm, roaring fire from outside and dry things out a bit!” Since that’s obviously an unrealistic and unsafe option, you are left racking your brain, or just dealing with the dampness. Unless of course, you remembered to bring along your Eva-Dry Moisture Traps!” These moisture traps absorb up to 200% of their own weight in moisture and are perfect for small spaces like tents! Eva-Dry camp dehumidifiers are small, portable and disposable.” Simply remove the trap from the packaging, hang in a convenient location and voila. ” it starts working immediately, sopping up all the moisture and humidity in the space.” Unlike a traditional dehumidifier, these do not require electrical power, emptying or any maintenance ” perfect for travel.

We would love to hear about your experience using the Moisture Traps, especially if you go camping with them!” Click the link at the bottom of the product page to add your review!” We love hearing from our customers!

Stay dry this summer!

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