Traditional dehumidifiers have used calcium chloride to collect moisture from the air, but this chemical is a dangerous substance to have within your home. It can cause damage to property and people due to its properties.

Potential Health Issues

Calcium chloride is a chemical used in some do-it-yourself dehumidifiers. It presents several health issues that consumers should be aware of. Some powered dehumidifiers rely on fans to circulate air over calcium chloride salts, and this exposes the air to minimal amounts of this chemical. Unfortunately, over time exposure to calcium chloride and its dust can cause lung damage, as well as other respiratory issues in the nose and throat. It can cause skin irritation and contaminate clothing.

Other Negative Consequences

Calcium chloride makes a poor dehumidifier for gun safes due to the extremely corrosive properties of the salt. When seeking boat or RV dehumidifiers, it’s a good idea to avoid calcium chloride for the same reason. While many marine surfaces may be better treated to resist corrosion, extended exposure or an unknown spill can quickly present a problem.

An Alternative Dehumidifier

In contrast to calcium chloride salts, silica gel is a safe dehumidifier that is incredibly effective at removing unwanted moisture from an environment. Dehumidifiers that use this desiccant can be effective with and without air circulation. Calcium chloride usually requires air to be circulated over the chemical for the most effective dehumidification, and this can release calcium chloride dust into the air.

Silica gel dehumidifiers can also fit in small spaces. Mini dehumidifiers can be plugged into the wall or operate without batteries, enabling them to be placed nearly anywhere without the health risks associated with calcium chloride.

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