Have you ever been inside someone else’s car and tried to keep your hands and feet to yourself, not trying to touch anything because it was that dirty in their car? If you’re one of the lucky few that haven’t experienced this, then I applaud you for making it this long without encountering that nightmare. But for those of us that have, we know how important is it to keep a clean car.

Your car is essentially an extension of your home but on wheels. It takes you where you need to go, like work or the grocery store, but between all that driving sometimes things pile up and it can get pretty messy. Have you taken a look at your cup holder lately? Gross, right? And what’s that funky smell? Here are some tips to clean a car interior… you’ll thank me later.

Tips To Clean A Car Interior

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First things first, you have to toss the trash. Every time you leave your car, make sure that you take any receipts, cups, bottles, etc. with you so that trash doesn’t accumulate. If every time is too much of a commitment, we know how tired you are when you get home from work, try setting a day every week that you’ll commit to cleaning out the trash. 

According to cleaning expert and author of The Cleaning Ninja, Courtenay Hartford, trash is easily the biggest contributor to that mysterious odor or questionable spill in your car. Even clutter like papers, gym bags, and sports equipment should leave the car regularly. Especially your sweaty gym clothes and uniforms because those have a way of stinking up the entire car.

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Remember that gross cup holder? Well, the best way to prevent that is by avoiding sticky situations. If your fast food soda spills try and wipe it up as soon as possible before it congeals. To make it easier on yourself invest in some cup holder coasters. Sounds silly, right? But they go a long way in preventing nastiness. 

Another tip: if you have kids, stick silicone cupcake liners inside the cup holders in the back seat. This way, if there’s a spill, you can simply take out the cupcake liner and put it in the dishwasher—because trust me, you won’t believe what you can find in the bottom of a cup holder. 

The key to having a clean car is maintenance. Instead of detailing it every couple of months, just do little things every day or every week in order for trash not to pile up and become overwhelming. 

So when you’re waiting for the kids at soccer or letting your car warm-up, do a quick dusting. Don’t wait until there’s a dust bunny hopping around your car in order to dust. By keeping a microfiber cloth in the car you can clean up smaller messes in-between major cleans. 

Additionally, you should always take out all of your valuables and stuff that could easily accumulate, such as jackets, children’s toys, water bottles, lunch boxes, books, and magazines. Just by clearing out those items your car will look a million percent cleaner. Not to mention that this is the perfect opportunity to organize those random belongings that have been forgotten about, lost in your vehicle. This could also be a safety hazard because burglars may think that you have something worth stealing if they look through your car window.

Eva-Dry Car Dehumidifier

Even after cleaning, if you’re still having problems with a weird smell, get a dehumidifier. A car dehumidifier eliminates odors leaving the area free from the reminiscent smells of your coffee that you spilled as you were running late to work two weeks ago. Eva-Dry offers portable dehumidifiers so that you can place them in the areas that need them the most. 

The Eva Dry Mini Dehumidifier E-333 unit requires no batteries or cords making it the perfect solution for unseen places like the truck, back seat, or your sweaty gym bag. The dehumidifier pulls moisture from the air and stores it in small, desiccant beads within the unit.

Once full (it typically reaches capacity in 20 to 30 days), simply plug the unit into an outlet to renew and it will be ready for use again in 12-14 hours, making it ideal for those summer months when your car is full of damp beach towels and the kids’ dirty clothes from sleep away camp.

If you want to learn more about Eva-Dry car dehumidifiers contact us today or explore our selection of available units to see which one is perfect for you.

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