With the Super Bowl right around the corner, tailgate parties and friends come to mind. If you’re a homebrew aficionado, great pride comes from pulling pints for the gang and discussing the finer aspects of the game and the beer. Or maybe you are just venturing into the home brewing business, having received starter holiday gifts. Whether you are building a Kegerator or a Keezer, here are some tips to help you keep your beer cold and your home brewing area dry. Due to the difference in temperature inside and outside the unit, both Kegerators, made from small refrigerators, and Keezers, made from freezers, can often have problems with condensation and humidity. The condensation is usually created internally and if left alone, it will eventually puddle in the bottom. Not a good look or smell for your beer! Making sure seals are tight often can help with this problem, but if you still have dripping even after checking the seals, an Eva-Dry dehumidifier is the answer.

Eva-Dry dehumidifiers are a great investment for the home brewer, making your life and your hobby so much less messy. And who wouldn’t want to drink to that?

Visit our shop to see our full line of dehumidifiers and to learn more. If you would like to speak to an expert on dehumidification technology, call us today at 877-382-3790.

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