The snow is gone, the spring air is warming up, and Memorial Day will soon be here. It’s the official start of summer, and you will want to have your RV de-winterized and ready to go in plenty of time to take advantage of the whole summer season. To make sure your summer is nothing but smooth sailing, check and prepare your RV carefully, and be vigilant about inspections and maintenance during your travels.

  • Clean and inspect the vehicle from top to bottom.
  • Check your maintenance book and records for what was done when you winterized it, and what needs to be done now.
  • Inspect the tires for wear and tear and inflate to the correct PSI. Tires should be checked regularly when you are on the road, to stay ahead of any potential problems.
  • Check the fluid levels in the engine, generator, differential and transmission, and check the air filter.
  • Charge the batteries, clean the terminals and check electrolyte levels. High temperatures can cause your batteries to use up water more quickly, so check these frequently when travelling.
  • Flush out the fresh water and holding tanks and sanitize. It’s important to do this regularly in hot weather. Bleach is a good sanitizer; check your instruction manual for steps to take to drain and refresh the system.
  • Check the water heater, drain and flush the system. If your vehicle has an anode to prevent damage to the tank, be sure this has not deteriorated.
  • Propane is a safe fuel to use, but be sure to check your entire system thoroughly at the beginning of the season and during trips. Most RV’s are equipped with sensors that will shut down the propane system in case of a leak, but your vigilance in this area will prevent any mishaps or outright disasters.
  • Insure indoor air quality when you travel.

Rv’s are subject to extreme temperature fluctuations, and this can cause higher than normal levels of condensation and humidity in the unit. Cooking and washing activities also put moisture into the air. Too much humidity leads to those unpleasant musty smells, and the development of mold and mildew that can cause respiratory issues and asthma. But Eva-Dry can help!

Our EDH-85 Hygrometer will tell you at a glance what the humidity level is in your unit. Levels between 45% ” 55% are best for most people and will help keep mold spores from forming. The Eva-Dry 333 Mini Dehumidifier , the Eva-Dry 500 Mini Dehumidifier, and the Eva-Dry Air Dry System are all excellent for controlling excess moisture in your RV. These dehumidifiers require no electricity, operate silently, and use eco-friendly silica gel technology that is non-toxic and spill-proof. Best of all, they can be renewed and can last up to ten years!

Eva-Dry is the nation’s leader in cutting-edge dehumidification technology for applications in your home, business, or recreational activities. Contact them today or call 877-382-3790 and let their consultants help you find the best solution for your needs. Keeping the air fresh and clean wherever you are helps support your family’s health and wellness, whether on the road or at home.

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