Moisture and mold can do a lot of damage to your outdoor storage building if not properly protected. If it is a wood storage building, moisture can cause the wood to rot. Fluctuations in the temperature and humidity are a precursor to moisture and mold. Mold growth can result in hazardous health problems as it can greatly reduce the quality of the indoor air and cause foul odors causing damage to the contents of your storage shed. First look for any cracks or holes made by animals in the shed that may be allowing water to seep in the building. Seal the cracks and holes where possible water damage can quickly occur. You should have a weather-resistant floor and floor frame. A cement floor is a good choice that is coated with a moisture resistant paint or stain.” If you do use wood as a floor frame, make sure the wood is pressure treated and elevated off the ground if possible. Keep plantings away from the structure as they keep moisture trapped along the sides and foundation. They also create shade which can prevent the wind and sun from keeping the structure dry. Use a storage dehumidifier inside. Consider using the Eva-dry E-333 model which works in areas up to 333 cubic feet, requires no batteries or cords for use, and it is 100% renewable. It lasts up to ten years, is compact and quiet, always spill and mess free and is non-toxic, child and pet safe.

Eva-dry is available on Amazon, at your local Ace Hardware, or by calling 877-382-3790.

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