Humidity is commonly used in conjunction with heat to describe the way the outside or inside temperature feels. During a hot and humid day, a person’s body has to work twice as hard to cool the body down because of the excess moisture in the air. Therefore, a person will often feel little relief on a humid day. Keep reading for a look at what humidity is and what causes this natural phenomenon.

What is Humidity?

To put it simply, humidity refers to the moisture in the air, according to an article from the Scientific American. For example, an increase in the amount of moisture in the air will create more humidity. Since warmer air can hold more moisture, you will typically see more humidity on hot, summer days, especially in states that are located near a large body of water.

How do You Measure Humidity?

How do You Measure Humidity

Meteorologists use dew-point temperatures to measure the amount of moisture in the air. The dew-point temperature is the point at which the air becomes saturated with moisture, causing dew droplets to form. This is demonstrated by a cool drinking glass on a hot, humid day. The dew-point temperature is determined when the atmosphere around the glass cools, allowing water droplets to condense on the outside of the glass.

What Causes Humidity

What Causes Humidity

Several factors contribute to the rise and fall of the amount of humidity in the air. However, one major factor is the ocean. For example, warm atmospheric air flows north from the equator, causing warm air to build up along the eastern seaboard. Since warmer air can hold more water vapor than cold air, the southern states often feel more humidity. On the other hand, cooler air, which can’t contain very much moisture, flows south along the west coast, causing it to be less humid than the east coast.

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